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Permalink Reply by Chickie on September 1, 2009 at 9:38pm
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For years I have practiced Astral Projection. I have been all over the
world and have met many interesting people on the Astral Plane.

About 2 decades ago, I was in Astral form and was hanging out with a
few bikers. We were in a city surrounded by mountains and we were
hanging out on a cobblestone street. The street signs were in French.
I could clearly recall all the places I went and all the things I saw.
It was one of the most beautiful places I had ever been to in Astral.

Several years ago, I visited Quebec City, Canada. I somehow knew my
way around as if I had been there before, yet I had not. It then
dawned upon me that this was the place I visited in Astral so many
years before.

It was truly a remarkable experience.
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Permalink Reply by Chickie on September 1, 2009 at 9:46pm
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In June of 2001 I had decided to move from New York City to Salem,
Massachusetts. I was very limited on time and resources to find a new
place to live and a job - as I felt I had a "deadline".

I made arrangements for a friend who lived in Portland, Maine to meet
me in Boston at the train depot and drive me around to find my
apartment. I had no newspapers, I had leads, I had to wing it and hope
for the best - when I remembered I could use my gift of Astral
Projection to locate empty apartments in the area I wanted to live - I
started my search.

The night before I was to meet my friend in Boston, I went into an
Astral State. I scanned buildings in the area to find an apartment
that would suit my needs. When I woke, I felt confident I would not
have any problems.

I met my friend in Boston and we drove to Salem. As we drove down one
of the main roads, things began to seem familiar. Then "HOME" came to
me. I told my friend to stop the car. I asked him to accompany me as
we approached the side door to a building. I rang one of the door
bells to find the landlord and it was very loud. I leaned over and
looked in a window next to the door where the door bell rang and saw
paint buckets and drop clothes in an empty apartment and laughed. I
said to my friend, "Well, this was easy!" So we found the landlord and
I got the apartment.
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Permalink Reply by Chickie on October 17, 2009 at 5:48pm
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If anyone is able to do Astral Projection and has an Electromagnetic
Field Meter (EMF) - I would like to pose an experiment for those
interested in partaking.

Have someone go into Astral state, then have another person scan the
body and area for EMF.

Looking forward to hearing results!
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