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Permalink Reply by NA Psychic & Paranormal Network on December 1,
2009 at 9:30pm
A good experiment for those who astral project / out of body
experience / remote view; would be to have someone in another location
use an EMF meter...

Have the individual who astral projects / out of body experience /
remote view; go to the person with the EMF meter in spirit form. Have
the person using the EMF meter monitor the activity around the EMF
meter for spikes from your energy!

It would be great to see the results from these experiments!

Photo / Video evidence of the spikes and of the person who is
physically at rest while in astral would be helpful along with time /
date documentation and any additional details from the experiment!
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Permalink Reply by Chickie on December 5, 2009 at 10:10pm
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Travis and I have big news! We have performed an experiment this
morning while on messenger.

We were video chatting and psychically linking to each other.

I asked Travis to do an awakened astral projection to me while I had
my Electromagnetic Field Meter on.

I placed the meter by the window away from any and all EMF
interference, outlets, speakers, lamps, computers, etc.

Travis went directly to the EMF meter in astral state and touched it
with his spiritual energy.

Though the energy is very weak, he did manage to move the meter
several times.

I grabbed photos of this activity without using a flash to add
disruption to the energy field.

The test was a success!

We will probably try this with others in the future and video tape it
for further accuracy!
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Permalink Reply by Tom Stewart on December 31, 2009 at 5:27pm
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I like the idea of this experiment. I love foward thinking people in
this field. Kudos to you. But I hate to poo-poo on it. .01 to .02
isn't much of a jump. It's so slight that it could be caused by
anything. Anything from weather to solar flares to tetonic plate
movement or a police car driving bar could have effected it
coincidentally. (I know I'm such a cynic).
But maybe with practice and more work you can get it to read higher.
A suggest I have would be to have two identical EMF detectors next to
each other but have your partner try to only manipulate one of them
with his/her energy. Than take a pictures of the EMF detectors
together reading the same, then together reading differently if you're
able to. It will help eliminate some of the possible coincidental

Keep up the great work!
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