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Permalink Reply by Maxine Mustoe on September 24, 2009 at 7:44pm
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At the moment I am working with the sacred spirit of nature. It is a
long story but......On my video, 'The Kingdom of chivronia' you will
see a photograph of an Angel we captured. There is a huge story
before, during and after her arrival. But what I can say in a
nutshell, is that she has come to herald 2012. She says to us, (we
channel, see and talk to the entities we meet) that it is 3 years
until 2012. Three, 3, is a sacred number, a trinity. It is 3 years
until 2012. This she says, is a transitional period, where we are
being guided to take personal responsibilities for our actions. By
setting your own house in order, you can make positive change, for
earth and your own inner peace. She is guiding us, and opens our minds
that, nature has always been the teacher, all answers are there for
enlightenment, and progress, and importantly, healing for ourselves
and earth. It is not about destruction of earth (2012) but a spiritual
change. Already she says, your finacial and political structures are
crumbling. It is not to hurt, but an oppotunity to plant new seeds. So
there are forces beyond what we see with our eyes (but we saw this
angel) that are helping us to bring that change.
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Permalink Reply by Chickie on October 4, 2009 at 9:48pm
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wow that is remarkable!!!
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