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Comment by Bonita Summers on February 12, 2010 at 8:19am
Delete Comment Thanks, Clyde. Would you like to give more information
here about the Dream Angel Oracle program?
Comment by ClydeSight Productions on February 10, 2010 at 5:59pm
Delete Comment Thanks Bonita,

Sure, feel free to share the technique with whomever you like, if it
can help them, that is grand. Also, you may (ahem) tell them it came
from the "Dream Angel Oracle" program for dream workers.
Comment by Bonita Summers on February 10, 2010 at 7:54am
Delete Comment Thank you Clyde, for such a thorough and interesting
introduction to your technique. I must try it myself. It wasn't
longwinded at all - just very inspiring! Do you mind if I mention your
technique at my next workshop?
Comment by ClydeSight Productions on February 7, 2010 at 10:58pm
Delete Comment Thanks Bonita,

Okay, this one comes from The Dream Angel Oracle where it appears in
shortened form. I have been working with it and expanded it for more
clarification here. Here goes:


You have a problem or issue in your life and cannot seem to find a
solution. You don't know who to ask or where to turn.


It's usually in your dreams and you can get your powerful and wise
unconscious (subconscious) to help you out during the dream time, and

Process (How To):

1. Before you fall asleep, think of your problem or issue. You don't
have to focus hard on it or 'super concentrate', just have it in your
mind in whatever way you like (visualize about it, remember the
situation, etc.)

2. Think to yourself (or you can say it out loud) "I will receive
guidance and inspiration about this from my dreams." If you can,
'know' that this is true.

You can repeat this two or three times, but even once is enough to do
the trick.

Now just let yourself fall asleep. You can think about anything you
like as you fall asleep, your 'program' has been made by the above


You may not remember your dreams, and that doesn't matter. Dream
powered inspiration will be with you during your waking period (I'd
say day, but not all of us sleep at night). Now it's time to allow
intuition and inspiration take over.

As you go about your activities, or even work on the problem or issue,
be sensitive and aware to any 'feelings' -- impulses or inspiration
that just "pops into your head" and follow it. It may seem crazy even,
but follow it as long as it is safe (don't jump out a window or
anything dangerous like that!) and see where it leads.

Much of the time, it will lead directly to the solution, but
sometimes, it leads to the first step OF the solution, and the next
step will be obvious.

I use this technique all the time. It works for me 99% of the time.

Here is an example of how it worked for me once:

I have a hobby of restoring vintage tape recorders. I had one machine
that needed a new motor assembly and I was about to give up because
there is nothing made any more for that machine. But I used my dream
technique as described above, even though the chances of success
seemed highly unlikely.

I woke up with a very clear vision of a surplus motor and controller I
had seen on a Web site. Then I remembered I had bought such a thing
months earlier out of curiosity and put it away. So I found the part
and looked at my recorder and then just released to inspiration. At
this point, it gets kind of strange.

It was as if I was running on 'automatic'. Although the new part
wiring was totally different from what was in the machine, I found
myself clipping wires, putting in others here and there very much as
if someone was looking over my shoulder telling me exactly what to do
(No, I don't usually hear voices except on tape).

I applied the power to the recorder and it ran perfectly, and it has
ever since. I even made a video about it on YouTube, and it intrigued
some people.

Another instance was when my insurance company refused to authorize
some dental work that I needed. The dentist had sent them a request
for authorization, and they sent me a letter of refusal. I told my
dentist, who could do nothing, and I figured that I'd either have to
come up with the money myself or not have the work done. A painful
situation, as you can imagine. The insurance company was taking
premiums and not delivering when needed!

I thought I should call and complain, but something held me back, a
reluctance. So I used my dream technique. Here's' what I dreamt:

I am in an office trying to fax something but the machine keeps
rejecting the fax. I am about to put the paper in again for another
try and a woman comes by, stops me, and says: "Wait, do nothing". I
wake up.

Well, I forgot about the dentist for a while (except every time I had
a stab of pain, then I remembered clearly enough!) and kept forgetting
to call any one (like the insurance commissioner of my state).

Two months later, I got a call from my dentist asking when I'd like to
make an appointment for the dental work. I said the insurance company
had rejected it. She said, "No, we finally got them to approve it.
Took a while, and we had to be very careful how we approached them,
but now you are covered."

And I got the work done and now my teeth are fine.

If I had started a fuss, who knows what the insurance company would
have done? But my "dream lady" was right, just wait and do nothing was
the correct approach.

Sorry this post is so long, didn't mean to go on, but wanted to show
you that the technique works. Thanks for your patience.
Comment by Bonita Summers on February 7, 2010 at 10:11pm
Delete Comment Please do! An important step on the way to lucid
dreaming is to develop an awareness of dreams and an ability to retain
memory of them. Please share!
Comment by ClydeSight Productions on February 7, 2010 at 10:00pm
Delete Comment HI,

I just joined NAPPN and am learning my way around. I do dream work and
have a very effective dream tip that works for me 99% of the time. Is
it okay to share, even if it isn't specifically about lucid dreams? I
guess, in a way it is. It involves dream programming.


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Replies to This Discussion
Permalink Reply by Dan Tanaka on January 2, 2010 at 9:30pm
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This sounds intriguing and would love to hear this turns out. I
wouldn't count on myself to show up anywhere though anytime soon. You
are more than welcome to come find me in a dream state though. :)
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Permalink Reply by Bonita Summers on January 2, 2010 at 9:37pm
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Hi Dan,

Thanks for being a willing participant. I'll let you know once I have
a dream where I see you. It will be interesting to see whether you
have any recall of that dream.

Dan Tanaka said:
This sounds intriguing and would love to hear this turns out. I
wouldn't count on myself to show up anywhere though anytime soon. You
are more than welcome to come find me in a dream state though. :)
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Permalink Reply by Bonita Summers on January 4, 2010 at 2:14pm
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Success! I programmed myself that I would meet with Dan during a lucid
dream last night.

I was having a dream around 3 a.m. where I was in a large outdoor
stadium with a dirt floor. I realized I was dreaming, and I started
dancing around, singing, "I'm lucid, I'm lucid," to keep my
lucidity... and just because it was fun to do.

Then, I started calling "Dan Tanaka" repeatedly (you can call people
into your dreamscape). Dan appeared. Dan, you weren't completely
lucid. You were actually talking to someone else, the way people carry
on conversations in their sleep. I heard you say, "Ya. Towers Road."
Then, you moved away from me, so I interacted with others in the dream
before it ended. I woke up just before 3:30 a.m. and recorded the
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Permalink Reply by Dan Tanaka on January 4, 2010 at 6:08pm
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Was the stadium night time? I can't recall much of last nights
dreaming but did wake up kinda feeling like I was somewhere else for a
few seconds.
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Permalink Reply by Bonita Summers on January 4, 2010 at 6:25pm
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It was daytime. But I was in the stadium when I pulled you into the
dream. You weren't lucid, so your recall would likely be limited
regarding the experience. You seemed confused and unsure about me and
why I was there. That's normal for someone in a non-lucid dream state.
It takes a lot of practice for both parties to be lucid, and it helps
if both have the intent to be lucid.

To be fair to you, you said I could look you up, but you didn't
consciously program yourself to meet me in a lucid dream state, so
it's understandable that I might be able to pull you into my dream
without you having conscious awareness of the experience.

If you want to try a conscious experience, I suggest you think of
someone with whom you feel very close and comfortable (not someone
like me that you're just getting to know) and you agree with them to
program your dream to meet each other. You may be more likely to have
a mutually lucid experience. Great fun!
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Permalink Reply by DragonWolf on April 6, 2010 at 7:05pm
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i have experienced this before,have run into ppl in real time that i
have interacted with previously in dreams,
usually in a neutral landscape familiar to both,been able to discuss
these dreams,amazed at what we both experienced.
i can at times control where i go in dreams, but not always, any help
or suggestions appreciated.i would like an opportunity to develope
this if possible.i have been in others dreams before, it can be a
dangerous situation,their dream,their rules.
neutral ground is best,as many may not be able to handle the
landscapes of mine,often very primal and in extreme
wilderness situations. DragonWolf
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Permalink Reply by Bonita Summers on April 7, 2010 at 2:10pm
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The trick to controlling your environment and travel in the
dreamscape, DragonWolf, is to recognize that it is all about your
thought processes. If you believe that you cannot travel or that you
are at the mercy of your environment, this will be true for you. It's
a matter of concentration and changing your beliefs. The dreamscape is
a great place to examine your belief system and how it limits you.
Change your thought, change your world - especially in your dreams.
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Permalink Reply by DragonWolf on April 8, 2010 at 6:56pm
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thank you 4 the advice, that has been something i have been trying to
work on. it just happens sometimes,
have had a lot of difficulty in trying to make it happen,wife says i'm
too analytical,try too hard, i have only
seriously let go of everything i formerly believed in the past few
yrs.trying to break through those limits now.
actually made it to a predertermined meeting place last night where i
was to meet someone,trying to help
them with issues,she was there but hiding,that will pass,first time
trying to meet like this. she is trying to
see if she can trust me right now,havn't been in contact long. we'll
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Permalink Reply by Bonita Summers on April 11, 2010 at 5:48pm
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I've had that kind of experience, too. We all funnel our dream
experience through our own psyche, which can make recognizing someone
else in the dream state a bit tricky. In time, with enough practice,
you'll probably be able to see and communicate with each other with
greater ease.
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