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Scott Wohler

Jun 12, 2015, 8:12:53 AM6/12/15
I just got a CEE with the intent of measuring down to <10uA. What is the current resolution for measurement on the device? It doesn't appear that the Pixelpulse suite allows for this sort of measurement. Will I have any more success with the API?


Ian Daniher

Jun 12, 2015, 3:23:41 PM6/12/15
Hi Scott,

The CEE is a 12 bit instrument offering a precision of approximately a few hundred microamps. If you need additional precision, I might recommend the spiritual successor of CEE, the ADALM1000 by Analog Devices - it's 16 bit and offers significantly improved performance, but operation around ~10uA may still require replacement by-hand of four SMD resistors

That said, with regards to CEE - if you do not need full-scale voltage (can make do with EITHER 0-2v OR 2-5v), you may have luck using "" - the #enableigain tag allows up to a 32x (if I recall correctly) internal analog gain. You could also replace the current-sense resistor RS-A and RS-B with values as high as an ohm. Current gain is control is also available from the Python API at


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