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Shane Pedersen

Nov 21, 2011, 3:52:33 PM11/21/11
to Child Support Reform
According to the 2010 census, CUSTODIAL parents are living 30% better
than Non-custodial parents, many of which work 2-3 jobs just to scrape
by and have even more Money withheld from our checks. Meanwhile the
custodial parent works one job, does not have to pay taxes on this
extra income (Law: Money or other forms of payment (received
periodically or regularly) from commerce, employment, endowment,
investment, royalties, etc.) and gets to claim the children on her

Tell me why I should have to pay taxes on money taken for child
support? Under the legal definition of income above this money should
be taxed to the receiver which certainly isn't me since this payment
is sent directly to the non-custodial parent and it never enters my
Bank Account. It's a payment received on a regular basis from (take
your pick) Investment, endowment or employment/services rendered
because lets face it, we can also take care of our children and given
the chance we'd be more than happy to WITHOUT SUPPORT.

Why don't I get to claim the children on my Taxes? According to the
way they calculate support I'm providing more monetary support than
the mother.

If the children qualify for Medicaid under the custodial parents
income and my income is similar or less or even slightly more BEFORE
support is taken out and it's been deemed that procuring insurance on
them though my employer would be overly expensive then why is it she
pays nothing and I have to pay because they're on medicaid? After all
She makes more than me After support is taken out and given to her,
which means without the income given to her I should qualify for
medicaid. So why am I paying $114 dollars a month for this when she
now makes more than me and is paying $0/Nothing for it?

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