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Apr 24, 2009, 7:06:51 AM4/24/09
to nomad-net
New release now stable enough for beta. This release mostly contains
usability improvements and user requests implementation (check the
changelog, because there is a lot of them). Most important are ability
to hide files and folders, improvements in folder customization, setup
and upgrade wizard on start, and some others.

As usual I need you responses about this release, especially about
setup and upgrade wizard. So feel free to send your ideas, comments
and of course bug reports. And don't be silent!

Program was uploaded to the files section of this group:

What's new from previous versions:

From version alpha:
! Setup and Updgrage Wizard has been added (shown on first run)
+ Safe mode added (in this mode user can disable some processing on
+ Many new command line options added (see -? for details)
+ Added support for text based localization files (primarily for easy
+ Now you can customize not only local writable folder, but also any
other folder
(ftp, network, read-only local folder)
+ Customized settings can be applied not only for folder, but also for
all of its subfolders
+ Now you can customize list view back and foregrounds in Customize
Folder Dialog
+ New option: Do not show hidden and system items and it is TURNED ON
+ New option: Hidden items list (number of rules to hide specific
files and folders)
+ New option: List view focused item foreground color
+ Much improved support for mouse wheel (especially useful in options
+ Added ability to auto-hide find toolbar on leave (see toolbar
context menu)
+ Support for 7z.dll 4.66+. (FAT, NTFS, MBR and NTFS file formats)
+ Support for folder thumbnails from thumbs.db
+ Show caps lock state and keyboad layout in passwords fields
* taglib-sharp.dll updated to version, related provider is
also updated
* Bigger icons in thumbnail view mode
* Better thumbnails support (different sizes thumbnail generator)
* Some painting improvements in main form
* Better form scaling in several dialogs
* Better run-time localizer (used with new language files, and after
language change in options)
* Pack dialog layout improved
* License files updated (now includes license for 7z.dll and taglib-
- Bug #82 fixed (Very rare racing condition when changes happen in the
underlying folder)
- Bug #83 fixed (NullReferenceException in change folder dialog)
- Bug #84 fixed (Exception on reconfiguring folder tree on panel)
- Bug #85 fixed (Environment string "%nomadver%" was not replaced
correctly in portable mode)
- Bug #86 fixed (Exception with malformed autorun.inf)
- Bug #87 fixed (Arhive file opened on removable drive still prevents
safe removal)
- Bugfix: Hide drives panel toolbar on lost focus
- Several clean install bugs was fixed


Apr 25, 2009, 11:25:25 AM4/25/09
to nomad-net
Thanks for dialog with choosing language at first program start
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