Windows version 2.0.3 crashes when a DAW is open

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Nov 21, 2021, 7:10:32 PM11/21/21
to nodal - generative music software
The 2.0.3 Windows version does not create MIDI ports as described on page 34 of the manual. It recognizes the hardware and software MIDI ports configured on the computer and shows them in an Instrument's Port dropdown list. The template and example instruments have the Port set to 'Nodal Synthesizer', which seems to be an alias for the Windows internal midi synth.

The internal synth works well when Nodal is open all by itself. However, if Reaper or FLStudio are open, Nodal crashes hard when 'Nodal Synthesizer' is the active port. As default docuemnt template and example files use this port, they crash the program immediately if a DAW is open.

Fortunately, Nodal documents are stored as plain text XML in *.nod files. The default template (and examples) are stored in the program installation directory. They can be edited easily with a text editor.

Search and replace all occurences of 'Nodal Synthesizer' with another port name from the Instrument Port drop down list.

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