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Nov 9, 2008, 9:49:14 AM11/9/08
to No Tomorrow
If you feel totally baffled by the whole climate change debate then No
Tomorrow is a good access point for the layman.

As the debate rages on a lot of people have been turned off by the
impenetrable science. You may or may not believe that climate change
is happening but what is that opinion based on? This novel explores
the scientific arguments – both for and against - and explains the
situation in language we can all understand.

In Philip Machanic’s novel, young Australian journalist Martin
Truscott sets out to make the definitive climate change documentary to
see if the sceptics might have a point.

No Tomorrow traces Truscott’s journey from Brisbane to Boston and back
as he interviews academics on all sides of the debate and discovers
the truth about climate change.

Along the way he finds love and a whole lot of truths about himself,
family and life in general.

In addition to hearing all sides of the climate change debate, the
reader will also pick up some great recipes (cooking obviously comes a
close second to science in the author’s heart)!

Machanick has a great ear for snappy dialogue making No Tomorrow an
enjoyable as well as informative read.


Nov 9, 2008, 9:49:14 AM11/9/08
to No Tomorrow
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