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Reza Salek

Oct 13, 2015, 4:55:58 PM10/13/15
to Christian Ludwig,
Hi Christian,

Likewise great to meet you as well. I have cc'ed nmrML mailing list incase someone can help. I think there was something, related to Imperial?

Best Wishes,


On 13 Oct 2015, at 02:46, Christian Ludwig <> wrote:

Hi Reza

It was good talking with you during your recent Birmingham visit. I am currently putting together a binary version of my software (i.e. a version that doesn't require a local MATLAB installation). I am wondering, is there any import/export routine for nmrML into MATLAB that I could incorporate into my software. If not, is there someone who could help me building such a module?

Best wishes


Ebbels, Timothy M D

Oct 14, 2015, 4:52:10 AM10/14/15
to Reza Salek, Christian Ludwig,, Hao, Jie

Hi Christian


The MATLAB converter for nmrML was written by Dr Jie Hao from our group as part of the COSMOS project. You can find the code at:


Hopefully it is self-explanatory but if you have questions I suggest you direct them to Jie. She is currently on maternity leave in China but is responding to emails.


Do let us know if you have any problems.


Best wishes



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Ebbels, Timothy M D

Oct 14, 2015, 5:09:30 AM10/14/15

Dear Christian


Jie actually replied to your email but it was rejected by the list server. I’ve copied her message below.


All – not sure who administers the list, but could whoever does check Jie’s membership is ok?




发件人: "Hao, Jie" <>
日期: 20151014 GMT+8 上午11:43:01
收件人: Reza Salek <>, Christian Ludwig <>, "" <>
: 回复: [nmrml:116] Re: nmrML

Hi Christian,

I wrote some Matlab functions to import/export nmrML, with the example file "MMBBI_10M12-CE01-1a.nmrML," they should be on github under nmrML/tools/Parser_and_Converters/Matlab/

Please let me know if there is any problem.



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