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Feb 24, 2023, 12:37:50 PM2/24/23
to nltk-users
Natural language processing Chatbots, though they have been on the business technology scene for quite a few years, is still a hot topic. Now, you get a chance to start your own creation:

We are a group of tech. Geeks that looking to develop the prototype of  Natural language processing Chatbots for some of the major players in industries other than Google, and Microsoft...... We don't like to work for tech. giant. We like competition at a different level.

And we all with backgrounds as NLP developers in startups and tech. firm in silicon valley. And we are done with the corporate culture of money first and product second culture.

We want something that we created and can be proud of for a couple of generations.

Last but not least, we only count every work by pain and gain system. The more you worked on the prototype, the larger share you will get for the ownership of the product.

If you are interested to know about what you can do for us and what you haven't done in your NLP career but want to know if we are what you want. Please send me an email for detail.

For whom that don;t know what is Natural language processing Chatbots, following is a brief description:

Companies determined to develop bots capable of natural conversations indistinguishable from human ones using NLP and machine learning;
Companies focused on functional bots good at accomplishing specific tasks and do so quickly and efficiently, making the bots’ perceived humanity a secondary matter.
The issue is that with all the hype around artificial intelligence, it’s often difficult to maintain perspective; distinguish fact from fiction; manage user expectations and customer experience, or simply resist being seduced by technology for its own sake (rather than keeping your business/marketing goal in mind).
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