NLTK 3.4.1 Released

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Steven Bird

Apr 17, 2019, 6:53:29 AM4/17/19
to nltk-dev, nltk-users,
NLTK 3.4.1 is now available from:

NLTK 3.4.1 includes the following:
* chomsky_normal_form for CFGs
* meteor score
* minimum edit/Levenshtein distance based alignment function
* access to collocation list via text.collocation_list()
* support for corenlp server options
* dropped support for Python 3.4
* other minor fixes

Thanks to: Adrian Ellis, Andrew Martin, Ayush Kaushal, BLKSerene, Bharat Raghunathan, Franklin Chen, KMiNT21 Kevin Brown, Liling Tan, Matan Rak, Nat Quayle Nelson, Osman Zubair, Purificant, Uday Krishna, Viresh Gupta

-Steven Bird

Steven Bird

Jun 6, 2019, 12:06:40 AM6/6/19
to, nltk-users, nltk-dev

NLTK 3.4.2 is now available from:

NLTK 3.4.2 includes the following:
* add Text.generate()
* add QuadgramAssocMeasures
* add SSP to tokenizers
* return confidence of best tag from AveragedPerceptron
* make plot methods return Axes objects
* don't require list arguments to PositiveNaiveBayesClassifier.train
* fix Tree classes to work with native Python copy library
* fix inconsistency for NomBank
* fix random seeding in LanguageModel.generate
* fix ConditionalFreqDist mutation on tabulate/plot call
* fix broken links in documentation
* fix misc Wordnet issues
* update installation instructions

Thanks to the following contributors to 3.4.2:
alvations, Bharat123rox, cifkao, drewmiller, free-variation, henchc
irisxzhou, nick-ulle, ppartarr, simonepri, yigitsever, zhaoyanpeng

Special thanks to Liling Tan @alvations for significant work reviewing pull requests.

-Steven Bird

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