NLTK 3.3 Released

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Steven Bird

May 5, 2018, 10:31:35 PM5/5/18
to nltk-dev, nltk-users,

NLTK 3.3 is now available from:

NLTK 3.3 includes the following:
* Support Python 3.6
* New interface to CoreNLP
* Support synset retrieval by sense key
* Minor fixes to CoNLL Corpus Reader, AlignedSent
* Fixed minor inconsistencies in APIs and API documentation
* Better conformance to PEP8
* Drop (incompatible license)

Special thanks to Liling Tan for leading our transition to Python 3.6.
Thanks to other contributors listed here:

-Steven Bird

Steven Bird

Nov 17, 2018, 3:35:20 AM11/17/18

NLTK 3.4 is now available from:

NLTK 3.4 includes the following:

* Support Python 3.7
* New Language Modelng package
* Cistem Stemmer for German
* Support Russian National Corpus incl POS tag model
* Krippendorf Alpha inter-rater reliability test
* Comprehensive code clean-ups
* Switch continuous integration from Jenkins to Travis

Special thanks to Ilia Kurenkov (Language Model package), Liling Tan (Python 3.7, Travis-CI), and purificant (code cleanups).

Thanks to other contributors listed here:
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