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Classified US Government Technology

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Mar 27, 2005, 5:26:13 AM3/27/05
Classified US Government Technology

The United States government now has surveillance technology than can
electronically see and hear through walls. Agents of the US government
can move into a neighboring house and conduct complete surveillance of
you in your home completely without your knowledge. The agents will
never have to enter your home and place bugs because all surveillance
is done electronically through the walls of your home. All your
movements and conversations in your own home can be recorded and
analyzed without your knowledge. This technology in effect gives agents
of the US government X-ray vision and they can use it to see right into
your bedroom.

This US government has also incorporated this technology into targeting
scopes that can identify and target a person through walls. This
targeting scope combined with a high powered rifle can assassinate a
person through walls.

This technology was developed to protect the national security of the
United States but has been illegally turned against innocent US
citizens by agents of the US government. Agents of the US government
are covertly working with local law enforcement to conduct illegal
surveillance of innocent US civilians. Citizens have no defense against
this technology. You may never know you're under surveillance and even
if you were made aware, there is nothing you can do about it. No
electronic detection equipment is available to detect the surveillance
technology. If you're targeted, you're on your own because no one can
help you. For more information, please visit the website listed below.


Please Note: Postings on newsgroups of this message are being removed
possibly by the government. Hundreds of newsgroup postings of this
message have been removed, sometimes within a few hours of initial
postings. Please copy this information and repost it in any appropriate
newsgroup, including this one. Also, please send this information to
any federal, state, local law enforcement, congress person, and senator
you know of.

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