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Wouter Valentijn

Jul 27, 2022, 1:45:51 PMJul 27

Aanvullingen, verbeteringen en commentaren in deze draad aub bvd

The Last Ship (s05e10): Commitment (2014, SF, 00:54-01:37, Veronica)

Charmed (s04e01): Charmed Again: Part 1 (1998, Fantasy, 18:42-19:32,
SBS 9)

Charmed (s04e02): Charmed Again: Part 2 (1998, Fantasy, 19:32-20:30,
SBS 9)

Ghosts (s02e07): The Ghost of Christmas (2019, Fantasy, 14:25-15:05, BBC

Ghosts (s03e01): The Bone Plot (2019, Fantasy, 15:05-15:45, BBC One)

Nancy Drew (s01e11): The Phantom of Bonny Scot (2019, Fantasy,
23:50-00:35, Fox)

Nancy Drew (s01e12): The Lady of Larkspur Lane (2019, Fantasy,
00:35-01:30, Fox)

Star Trek: Enterprise (s04e21): Terra Prime (2001, SF, 06:56-07:49,
Paramount Network)

Star Trek: Enterprise (s04e20): Demons (2001, SF, 13:32-14:26,
Paramount Network)

Doctor Who (s18e02): The Leisure Hive: Part Two (1963, SF, 06:03-06:32, ONS)

The Avengers (s07e13): They Keep Killing Steed (1961, SF, 08:00-09:00, ONS)

The Avengers (s07e13): They Keep Killing Steed (1961, SF, 00:02-01:00, ONS)

What Keeps You Alive (2018, Horror, 01:00-02:45, Filmbox)

Wouter Valentijn

Kirk: "No beach to walk on..."
Star Trek (s01e07): The Naked Time

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