Corona Update 18, The Chinese Take Over through Capitalism

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Dec 18, 2021, 12:07:45 AM12/18/21
Here is my hypothesis about what is going on based on the information I saw yesterday:

1. China has used it's wealth/money gained from production factories that were moved over there by Clintons and Obama/outsourced, to invest into American Investment Companies.

2. These investment companies control a majority of the boards of many western companies including television stations, tech companies, internet companies, these are usually part of bigger companies which are ultimately controlled by these investment companies.

3. This explains why you are not feeling like you are living in China/North Korea, these companies have been taken over by China and are now massively brain washing you.

4. However their secret is now out and that is why they are accelerating the pandemic hoax to infect and kill/injure/weaken as many of the western citizens as possible, to weaken the country further for more take over oppertunities.

5. The lockdowns are also ment to have people not talk about it and inform each other.

6. My prediction is that soon telephone costs and internet costs will rise to make it even harder for people to communicate what is really going on.

7. This also explains the ban on Trump which tried to warn the USA for CHINA.

8. The ammount of money involved is in the thousands of billions of dollars.

9. It is very well possible that some USA companies/investors are also benefitting from this CHINA take over for now so they go along with it.

10. The omikron variant came just in time to distract from the thruth. The vaccines changed little to nothing, the death numbers are still the same as in the start of this pandemic, the age ranges of death are still the same. Had the omikron variant narrative not been deployed people would have to start to wonder, why are we not out of the crisis yet ? Why are the numbers not changing ? But now they are worried and fear about a new variant and thus their minds start wondering about that instead of a possible hoax.

11. It is clear that this is the strategy of the take overs for now, whenever people start doubting the narrative, whenever people are starting to believe it may be a hoax, they will release a new crisis/variant to keep them occupied with this new miss-information until they figure out it was a lie, this smells like Clintons which tell lots of lies and it wastes a lot of people energy. A prime example is the russian hoax vs Trump & CO.

12. The sex trafficing of young girls also has something to do with it, it's to manipulate, blackmail and control people in high places.

13. I have experienced a real virus before the corona virus, and a real virus spreads around very quickly and hits EVERBODY. A real virus does not take 2 years to spread and does not "cherry pick" individuals or only old people, makes no sense what so ever.

14. The most amazing thing about this corona hoax is how many people went along with it, how many people have a complete lack of critical thinking, how many people are completely incapable of uncovering any thruth what so ever. I blame this on their life style, completely ignoring the dangerous of cars, planes, trains, trucks, segways, unhealthy chemicals in foods, they seemed to have tuned completely into ad-believing zombies who want to live the dream of car manufacturers, holiday companies, coca-cola joy-food ads, air-plane-fun-holiday-ads, completely blocking out any possibility of misery, death, environmental damage from their minds.

My diagnosis for the west is clear:


Especially jews seem to be having a very hard time right now, for them it's extra painfull to realize or wake-up to any possibility that they have been LIED TOO AGAIN, perhaps this is a GENETIC defect in the JEWS genes, a possible reason for DESTRUCTION. You have proven to be unworthy to live on this planet, except for EXPERIMENTS.

When the aliens come YOU WILL BE EXPERIMENTED ON, perhaps they already here ! =D

The jews have learned nothing from World War 2, they are disgrace.

15. The moslim world is less easy to conquer, they have different financial rules possibly. This gang of investment funds works like this:
15.1 Buy em out.
15.2 Bomb em out.

16. This now explains the heavy bombing of poor countries, jungle countries, desert countries, there are no companies to take over, so they get bombed.

17. Poland is trying to resist the influence of western television by disallowing a majority of foreigner ownership/investment into television companies, 49% is now the limit, this is still very high, also fake polish investment funds run by foreigners could still achieve in majority through collusion, this is also this gangs modus operandus, collusion of companies.

18. The real number of vaccine deaths is higher than television will report, talk to your local undertakers to know for sure ! ;)

This information is to inform the REBELS so that they know what they are up against !

Good luck and may the force be with you ! Always ! =D


P.S.: In case I was lied to and you a jew and you did not vaccination than I aplaud you ! =D
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