Corona Update 12, 22 july 2021, Finally the thruth is coming out !

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Jul 22, 2021, 1:55:27 AM7/22/21
The thruth about the origins of the corona virus are finally coming out;

Here is what most likely happened, I've been suspecting this for some time;

And now a US Senerator called Rand Paul is also on to the thruth;

This overly enthousiastic virus researcher called Fauci funded research into gain of functionality of virus(ses).

The corona virus was taken from bats and was then modified to also infect and transmit among human beings.

Research into corona viruses has been going for more than 10 years, a mind blowing video predicting exactly what would happen:

Fauci and funding gain of functionality research in 2018:

Fauci melting down before congress, watch begin of video, 2021:

Fauci melting down again following by CNN brainwashing (I am sure CNN will delete this video soon to cover up their brainwashing), 2021:

The senator that is on to fauci, this senator may now be the most important man on earth to get us out of this crisis, by first getting rid of the man who started it all, fauci and co, 2021:

^ This is all what happened in the past, but what about the future ?

Here are some possibilities for you to consider:

1. Most political leaders already know the thruth that it most likely leaked from them wuhan lab.

2. It's possible that a much larger conspiracy is going on trying to frame China for this, to try and provoke a war with china,
perhaps to get out of the USA debt to china.

3. John McAfee might have known that political figures where being spied on by special malware and that is the true reason he was killed,
to try and conceal this thruth.

4. The vaccines are junk/poison and can even inject magnetics into brains which can then be radiated with low frequencies to stop people from thinking
and turning them into zombies. Thus burning G5 mast is not such a bad idea after all ! =D

5. Perhaps political leaders already know that the climate is changing, maybe even because of planet 9 or blackhole presence unknown to them, and want
to kill as many citizens as possible to prevent more CO2 from going into atmosphere via cars now that all these floodings have happened ! =D
People have to be killed to stop the floodings ! =D

6. HIV does not cause AIDS. Fauci lied about this too. AIDS is most likely caused by drugs.

7. Fauci's critic/opponent was delibrate infected with covid/sars VERSION 2 !!!!!!!!! (nobel prize winner murdered !)

8. The spike on top of the covid-19 is a bio weapon, causing illness.

9. The pfizer vaccine is weakening the immune system, soon many injected patients will die because of weakened immune system:

10. Most covid patients that died so far died in hospitals because of sickness or bad-drugs ! The doctors are killing patient with bad drugs ! Conveniently
these drugs are never mentioned in death reports. The drugs knock out organs, people drown in their own fluids because of this, worsened by ventilators
killing what few lung cells patients have left.

11. Most likely very few patients died outside hospitals. This tells you somewhat about what is going on.
If large quantities of people die at place X and only a few die at place Z then something very suspicious is going on at place X !!!

12. Most health people don't die from covid-19/sars version 2 !

13. Delta/indian variant is alledgly a hoax to scare people, but so far I don't believe that.

14. Finally people starting to wake up to the reality that vaccinated people are still getting infected !

Now finally for some news from around the world:

1. Massive floodings all over the world: Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, New York/USA, England, Mexico, Iran, China the list goes on and on and on.
I am starting to wonder if the promixity of planet nine or blackhole is somewhat changing gravity such that water particles are pulled into the air more easily.
If this is the case then more massive floodings may happen as planet nine or blackhole gets closer. Others explain it by rising temperatures 1 degree in temperature
rise will cause 7% more water in clouds.

2. One reported flooding of 7 meters high ! people were warned for 3 meters and were surprised, only those on roof-tops survived.

3. Massive debrie/crap/pollution after the floodings, micro-plastics may seen enter the nature and perhaps even food chain.

4. Earth is not prepared for asteroid impact, if asteroid comes towards earth now there is nothing humanity can do about it.

5. Richard Branson made first commercial space flight so they say, bezo's earth's richest man was to late and became second LOL. Unfortunately BOTH SURVIVED LOL.

6. Trump is planning a come-back in next USA election.

7. Chip shortages hits car manufacturers, no chip reserves in stock/warehouse to blame, just in time only works for resources which are commonly available which chips are not.

8. England has let go of all anti-corona measures, big spike in infections to be expected.

9. Netherlands has also let go of anti-corona measures, except the 1.5 meter distancing.

10. Other countries are thoughening up somewhat.

11. Outside I noticed a reduction in cars somewhat. Apperently people in europe have become scared of floodings and are finally starting to realize the danger of
injecting unnecessary CO2 into the atmosphere another explanation could be many cars destroyed in the floodings and roads destroyed and people busy cleaning up
and recovering from the shock. The flooding was massive ! Some dykes even broke and sinkholes were created, entire houses collapsed and were washed away.

12. Some people are still missing after the flooding might be lieing dead somewhere among the rivers or garbage or forests... nobody knows at this point.

13. Canada/USA was hit by a massive heat wave/strike ! Coincidence that it is on the other side of the planet ? Or is this the work of planet 9/blackhole pulling away water molecules
from that spot ! It's suspicious to say the least !

14. Most likely what happened is that all the vapor from USA/Canada rained down on EU and China ! Something to keep an eye on ! The heat wave persists, predicting more
water/floodings in Europe/China soon !

Bye for now,
Skybuck Flying

P.S.1: This time I have included some very very very important videos that you don't want to miss ! =D
P.S.2: It is 100% clear Fauci has lied and therefore everything he has said is to be distrusted and taken with a grain of salt.
P.S.3: Best case scenerio: he ment well but fucked up, worst case scenerio he is evil and part of a large conspiracy to kill large quantities of human population.
Probably somewhere in the middle, he wanted to be a international superstar/hero that saved the world from a virus, now he created one, but it is out of his
control and now he is starting to look like a big fat dumbass that underestimated nature and the power of evolution !
P.S.4: My advise for Fauci is: come clean, get a good lawyer, apologize and hope you don't go to prison for 4 million x 10 years or something hahahahahahaha.
Sad end of a guy that wanted to be great ! =D At least now is your chance to tell humanity what truely happened perhaps it will help in combatting this
out of control virus ! and also prevent putting blame on others that don't deserve it ! However it is also possible to chinese took this research
and secretly went to far with it, but that is less likely, wuhan-lab leak is most likely. If he knows anything about biological weapon research now is the
time to tell us all before it's to late ! =D
P.S.5: To those who found the videos convincing: ISOLATE YOURSELFES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S.6: Download weapon designs via bittorrent that can be 3D printed, replace the most critical part with metal parts ! Don't know where to get ammo. At least this might come in handy
if the situation deteriorates into tirrany! =D


Jul 23, 2021, 8:44:52 PM7/23/21
I was right the universe send me a message: DEATH WAS COMING:

Or somebody tried to assinate me right before the corona pandemic started via a corona infected remotely controlled deathheads moth !

Very glad I didn't smash it to pieces back then !

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