Corona Update 25, Insurance Fraud, Killing the old and sick to safe money.

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Skybuck Flying

May 6, 2022, 7:35:45 AMMay 6
Corona Update 25, 6 may 2022, Insurance Fraud, Killing the old and sick to safe money:

The "Unsinkable" Titanic sinking may also have been an insurance fraud and bigger conspiracy again related to money. (The damaged Olympic sister ship, refitted to look like Titanic. It also killed off a lot of rich people that might have blocked the creation of the Federal Reserve/Central Banking system in USA.)

Is Corona/Covid-19 simply another big/huge insurance fraud/conspiracy ?!

It's sure starting to seem like that.

The evidence for this is overwhelming:


1. The elder die.
2. The sick die.

The healthly people seem to be just fine and survive.

The way this conspiracy has been setup is the following:

3. The vaccine is a virus, it replicates in the people that took the vaccine=virus.
4. The vaccinated piss/shit it out into the sewer system.
5. The water of the sewer system gets recycled.
6. If the water purification isn't that good then this virus and virus particles will end up in other non-vaccinated people as well. That is how they are trying to get to everybody. The vaccinated are helping to try and get the unvaccinated infected as well.
7. This causes maximum death among old and sick people.
8. (There is also some talk of snake venom being in the vaccine or being put into the water, some anti-venom therapies against covid 19 are being tried.)

Now who is benefitting from this crisis, a lot of companies/people:

8. Bio-medical/vaccine suppliers.
9. Mask suppliers.
10. Computer companies.
11. Package delivery companies.

and now you can add to that list:

12. Insurance/health care companies.

The insurance companies most be saving a shit load of money, now that all these old and sick people are dieing !.

The covid 19 conspiracy was most likely invented in the United States of America, possibly caused by the Obama Health Care act and the capitalistic nature of USA.

Somebody in the USA simply performed a calculation and figured out that killing the unhealthy, sick, old people can save them a ton of money and make them rich !

So they had China do their dirty work for them and release a global virus to kill the sick and unhealthy and old people !.

There is a paper/documen trial proving these links as well.

Bye for now,
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