Corona Update 26, The real reason why cloning was banned.

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Skybuck Flying

Jul 23, 2022, 6:54:30 PMJul 23
22 july (7) 2022:

2 is the number of the devil.
7 is the number of change.

This day is a devilish change of a day, beware ! J.F.K. for example was killed on 22 as well.


The real reason why cloning was banned is now fully apperent during/after this corona crisis/hoax/conspiracy:

Cloning people would have allowed to detect damage caused by vaccines.

One clone would not take the vaccine.
One clone would take the vaccine.

If the clone that took the vaccine forms damage/dies/sickness because of some kind of genetic defect and the other clone does not have this problem then it's very easy to conclude that it must have been caused by the mRNA vaccine.

So now many many many many years later it becomes apperent why cloning was banned. To conceal the thruth.

IBM's Blue gene vs Pentagon Blue book. Why they both called blue ?

Did you know that the roswell crash was around "corona" a village in new mexico/roswell, coincidence ?! HA !

Obama does look like a Gray ! He is on video testimoaning haha, he hates whites supremacy and wants to destroy it obviously cause of jealousy.
Obama is behind the scenes conspiring with Joe Biden against USA to destroy it. There is no "renewable energy technology" that can replace the oil industry fully, it's insufficient.

The vaccination programs around the world are very suspicious and may be part of an alien conspiracy, where vaccines are used to test all kinds of crap on human beings ! My advise is stop the vaccines so that your children don't develop adhd, add, autism, schizofrenie, borderline and other mental diseases. This is done to maintain control over the population because your children will be too damaged to take power.

Keep your children healthy, trust their immune system, ALL OR NOTHING !
Don't let anybody say that you produced genetically defect children, it's a lie !

Furthermore, the USA government has now confessed that they covered up evidence of UFOs and they have admitted to be tracking UFOs !

Furthermore many governments around the world have discreditted UFO spotters, taken away and destroyed evidence.

Furthermore many government agents have ridiculed UFO spotters, to discredit them and cover it up further.

Now with the advance of mobile phones, digital cameras, zoom cameras, youtube, internet, etc. It is becoming harder and harder and harder for them to conceal the thruth. The pressure is rising.

My advice to you is: If you do ever see a UFO or an alien landing and you DID film it, then spread/make many many many many copies, perhaps even barry one in the grond somewhere, should be easy to do with small storage medium of today. Spread it around the internet, on youtube, anywhere, so that they cannot take away your evidence.

Futhermore societies should start building watch towers over the cities, to observe the night sky and detect any infiltration/invasion/abduction attempts.

IPv6 Multicast should be implemented across all internet service providers.

And the IPv6 Multicast UDP packets should be allowed to travel enough hops from router to router, so that the IPv6 Multicast UDP packet can reach an entire city, perhaps even up to 50 KM. So that an entire city can be warned via IPv6 UDP Multicast packets, which is very fast and requires no servers.

The government(s) will also become more powerfull, with DNA databases, Deep learning networks, Information collection systems, etc. Your children will need to their brains more than ever to combat all this and stay in the fight for live/evolution/life on earth ! Give them a fighting chance ! Deny poisonous injections of unknown material into the vanes of your children !

Demand cloning proof that it is safe or to hell with it !

Bye for now,
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