Corona Update 15, Fetal Cancer Cells, Misleading of Immune System, Extortion

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Oct 15, 2021, 12:02:02 AM10/15/21
1. The covid-19 pfizer vaccine contains fetal cells. This was suspicious.

Information has leaked that these fetal cells (from babies) are cancer cells that replicate forever. This is cheaper for pfizer than buying new baby cells.
This also explains why cancer tests go positive after injections with this vaccine.

Some vaccinated have tested positive for real cancer after a few weeks and have to undergo treatment for cancer ! Yet they had no cancer before the injections.

2. All vaccines wrap their garbage, which I will not go further into here, in fat cell which fools the immune system. This turns out to be dangerous it can knock out the immune system against future infections. Why this happens is yet unknown.

3. World Wide Extortion
3.1 Spread miss information about a virus
3.2 Convince world leaders they must buy vaccines or their people will die !
3.3 Inject people with bad vaccines so they actually become sick !
3.4 Sell even more vaccines now that they are sick !

Bonus 4. Pay people to do terribly things and profit !
4.1 Pay doctors/hospitals to murder people with bad medicine and ventilators
4.2 Mark all deceased no matter the cause as covid deaths
4.3 Media auto profits from this hysteria through ratings advertisements and so forth.
4.4 Convince politicans to shut down local small bussiness, big coorporation with super markets and delivery companies profit !
4.5 Lock people in homes where they can be brain-washed more easily.
4.6 People locked in homes suffer diseases because of bad ventilation and germs.
4.7 Perhaps work from home makes corporate take-over easier and other evil deeds.

(Posted 15 october(10) 2021)

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