Dust warning for telecommunication companies

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Apr 22, 2021, 11:56:48 AM4/22/21
Hello my dear telecommunication companies ! =D

It is only fair that I give you a warning about your bussinessszzzz ! :)

Because of the Corona Crisis more people work at home !

This will lead to a higher production of DUST.

Depending on where the cable modem is placed this could SUCK dust into CABLE MODEMS. (See * Little Add-on below)

Lately these CABLE MODEMS have ventilators in them.

I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE with such cable modems (For now I do not wish to have one of these !) BUT I DO have experience with other devices with VENTILATORS in them.

For example: A Toshiba laptop WILL have to be cleaned every 2 months, to prevent overheating and/or performance issues.

PCs will have to be cleaned at least 1 or 2 a year to prevent noises which can irritate people.

There could even be a risk of catching fire or overheating or breaking of motherboards/PCBs.

I have notified ZIGGO employees of my concerns in the past concerning this VENTILATOR-IN-CABLE-MODEM design. I have done so TODAY again.

Though I feel the women on the other side didn't take it very seriously. She was very nice and helped me to get a new remote control for my TV, which probably was killed by STATIC ELECTRICITY from my couch. It could have also been broken by falling down, but I don't believe so.

Anyway... I told her, next year I want to buy a new computer.

I tell you now it will probably a threadripper with 64 cores, DDR5 pci express 4.0 but preferably 5.0 so that it is very ready for the future and then I would like to upgrade to a better modem. To connect multiple computers to it.

For now internet connecting sharing of windows will do for just 2 computers.

But in the future it might be 3 and I would also like to not depend on additional computers for this functionality but ok.

Anyway back to the CABLE MODEM ISSUE:

Now the women on the phone said, all ZIGGO cable modems have ventilators for proper cooling + nowadays modems do not become as hot any more.

Also these modems have tiny little air holes in them.

I thought and said maybe these ventilators only spin up when needed to cool the cable modem but she didn't know.

I also told her, it might be necessary to open up such a cable modem for proper cleaning and I don't know if it is possible to do so. It might be necessary to break them open and that would be a bad idea !

This may or may not become an issue now and in the future, the corona crisis is not over and seems to continue for a while, leading me to predict possibly more cable modem failures ! And thus increased costs for telecommunication companies !

Also as speeds are increases these cable modems may become hotter in the future.

Also maybe planet earth will warm up a little bit.

Let's look at possible solutions for the near future:

1. Demand and Design cable modems without ventilators. THIS WOULD BE BEST.
2. Demand and Design cable modems which can be "serviced", opened for dust cleaning.
3. Perhaps but a large box over the cable modem ? Though the cables will get in the way, perhaps poke some holes in the box. Perhaps there will be enough air in the box for circulation, perhaps some of the heat can be transferred through the material of the box to the outside "world" of the box. Which material would be best and cheap ?

It is good to be prepared for these kinds of situations, more heat, more dust, changing conditions.

Either that or telco companies will face more hardware failures and increased cost of operation !

Futhermore IPv6 multicast seems to be available, but this would require the cable modem to be placed into bridge mode. I don't know why that would be necessary and I don't know anything further about this, but it's an interesting tip.

I hope ubee and other cable modem companies will design CABLE MODEMS without ventilators, there should be at least 1 such design. Or make them easy to open at the very least !

I also asked if ZIGGO's recent internet speed increase will cause the modem adapter to fail again because of low copper ammount in adapter, but they were unsure, if it does happen they might replace my cable modem entirely ?!?

* Little Add-on:

1. Some customers have the cable modem is a special closest.
2. Some customers have the cable modem in their basement.
3. Some customers have the cable modem in their living room ! (ME !)

I am pretty sure 3 is worst case scenerio and the cable modem will be exposed to HUGE/LARGE quantities of DUST !!!!!

(This does not yet include multiple people or animals, in such cases the dust could be even worse !)

Bye for now,
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