Corona Update 5 (15 june 2020)

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Jun 15, 2020, 8:28:58 AM6/15/20

There is some troubling news coming from China/Peking. Corona Virus found on a plate used to cut fish, specificly: Salmon

This seems and may confirm my hypothesis that Corona is spreading via FISH.

People are advised to avoid SALMON =D

Scientists should research if Corona is spreading via FISH.

I have read no recent reports or investigations about this in NEWS MEDIA.

Almost seems like a cover-up ! =D

Some older news about corona and then some newer news:

1. Food industry in Europe in danger cause of shortage of workers.

2. Corona Virus can cause trombose/blood props in lungs brain/blood path.

3. Three people arrested in Netherlands so far for torching 20 broadcasting masts of 5G.

4. Lawsuit in Netherlands to stop the spread of 5G lost.

5. Local goverments cannot answer questions about 5G.

6. Survivors of Corona complain about health issue and breathing/energy troubles. Seems like term damage is a result of Corona Virus.

7. Netherlands thinks Vaccine might be available within 1 year. Has spent money together with other countries to try and purchase it.

8. Health organization warns that even with Vaccine time will tell how effective it truely is and how long it will help.

9. 1.5 distancing measures are slowly being ignored by people in general.

10. Never of deaths/casualities has fallen to below 10 per day in The Netherlands.

11. People are not very keen on testing for Corona Virus. Maybe they think it's not necessary or maybe they are scared to become known as "receivers of corona" perhaps stigma. Only 1/3 of corona tests are being utilized.

12. Mouth caps are now required in public transport in The Netherlands. Professional health masks are to be reserved for health care workers.

13. Some fights have occured between citizens and special agents trying to maintain 1.5 social distancing measures.

14. USA has seen BIG RIOTS because of Negro man killed police officer/knee. Many jobless people had time to witness it and revolted/demonstrated because of it.
Police Violence is indeed high in USA. Perhaps Negro misbehave a lot too, and perhaps nervesness of guns. Riots spread across the world. With even statues of slave traders being dumped into the water like a Scene of Planet of the Apes ! LOL. Shame on them Negro for destroying HISTORY ! LOL. Though somewhat understandeable they want to extinquish painfull history. What's next denial of holocaust by Jews ?! =D No more NAZI history ?! If you've been conquered to bad ! It happens a lot, deal with it psychologically ! LOL. Perhaps this is natural as some countries miss new strong leaders and others do have strong leaders. Strong leaders may be necessary to drive humanity forward and keep prosperity.
President Trump of USA even threatened to use Military on demonstrators. Overal a good thing to restore LAW and ORDER / peace. (Some may have been fueling the riots to create more unrest and perhaps make them look bad (negros/demonstrators?))

15. Corona restrictions are being reduced in Europe. Even travel by plane allowed again. Kinda weird. Would it not be better to first wait until the virus is completed destroyed ?! Perhaps that will never happen according to the "leaders" and thus open it up, or to reduce impact on economy.

16. Pollution levels increasing in France and other nations as people go out in their cars again and trucks/busses/motor cycles etc.

17. Some elections postponed in some countries. Perhaps these will seen be held or continue again. Not sure what will happen in USA for example; Trump vs Biden.

18. White House was infected with Corona virus too. Don't know how it ended. Trump kept refusing to wear a mask though.

19. Politician/Mayor of Amsterdam in Netherlands received hard criticism for allowing a "Black Lives Matters" demonstration where to many people were in close proximity. There was a lot of anger/hate about the George Floyd death, perhaps this demonstration was a good thing to let some of that anger/hate out... to prevent something worse like rioting and what not. It kinda was unstoppeable so I don't think this criticism is just, however some of it is ok and now new demonstrations have 1.5m social distancing.

20. +500.000 minks have been gassed/killed in the Netherlands some of them were infected with Corona. A minks is a small little creature that is bread for it's fur used to make cloths/jackets and such. Animal activists tried to stop it via a judge but it was denied. Next year the breading of these animals for their fur is supposed to be banned/halted.

21. A mysterious child disease has appeared among some childs, also a mysterious disease among hedgehogs in the Netherlands. I believe investigations are under way to see if it's corona related.

22. A dolphin died in the Netherlands which was following a ship and travelling through the channels. Investigators of the dead dolphin corpse concluded the Dolphin was hit against the head by a Ship. However I am not convinced if this was the true cause of Death. The dolphin washed a-shore. It's possible the Dolphin was infected by Corona and died because of that and was then hit by a ship. I am kinda disappointed no information was given out if the Dolphin was Corona infected or perhaps I missed it but don't think so. So I do wonder if this Dolphin was infected, perhaps knew about it and was trying to receive help from human beings, seeking their attention. Humans tried to lure the dolphin back to sea, eventually that succeeded, yet somehow the Dolphin still died. An alternative explanation could be that the Dolphin believed these ships were wales or his parents/groups and tried to sail with them and got hit, but convenient cover-up story. Perhaps they don't want the people to know that Dolphins are indeed infected with Corona Virus ! ;) =D

23. First humans launched into space by a commercial company: Space-X. Is Corona now in space too ? =D

24. Brazil out paces Great Brittian in death toll. Brazil now at 43.000+ deaths, Great Brittian 41.000+ deaths. Total number of deaths world wide so far: 436,164 total infected: 8,019,954 total recovered: 4,141,324

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