Possibly a new DNS virus/worm is roaming around.

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Nov 30, 2020, 5:44:51 PM11/30/20
I am seeing reports of connection problems and DNS attack on multiple ISP providers in the Netherlands.

So far my ISP seems to be working fine but I did notice some connection problems a few days ago. I blamed it on windows internet connection sharing and connected my laptop directly to the cable modem/internet and this seemed to solve the problem. Perhaps the PC's sharing was indeed the culprit.

Other people also noticed connection issues these last few days. DDOS attacks.
Denial of Service Attacks.

I am starting to wonder if perhaps a new/undiscovered virus/worm is roaming around the internet attacking DNS servers.

It's just a hunch of mine, take it wait a grain of salt for now.

But anti virus and anti worm companies of ofcourse ISP should be a little bit alerted by this report and keep an EYE on things to see if they can spot anything weird/unusual.

Bye for now,
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