NIT Agartala GNU/Linux Users Group

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Welcome to NIT Agartala Linux Users Group! We are excited to have you as part of our membership. Membership is a lifelong journey and we look forward to helping you start yours.

The aim of this group is to provide information towards various Open Source Softwares as well as solving problems faced by new Linux Users. Unlike some other Linux groups, it is a non-hostile supportive group. We will help you achieve your goals and knowledge with the help of Tux (_Linux Official Mascot_) (Yes, in case you didn't know that Penguin has a name and it's called Tux).

As a member of this Linux Users' Group, you will enjoy many unique benefits. We look forward to seeing you tell us your problems as well as contribute towards the Open Source Community and at many developing honor society events in the future! Please let us know if you have any questions about your membership. (And Don't do Top-Posting) Neither spam will be tolerated.

Best wishes,

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