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Raamana, Pradeep Reddy

Sep 21, 2021, 6:41:56 PM9/21/21
to niQC

Hi All,


I’d be sending an email to the OHBM membership announcing the Quality Conversations more broadly. I am also considering including a link to a short 1-3 question survey. Any suggestions for questions to ask the broader community at OHBM?


FYI: We did do a survey back in 2018 (with some 70+ responses), but it does not hurt ask again.


I will also be asking for volunteers to help organize this group (run the series, organize panel discussions etc), but if there is anyone interested here, that’s even better, let me know. I am also looking to hire a reasonable postdoc/RSE interested in niQC and open science, let me know if you know any.


PS: if the “Just QC It” t-shirt was ready, I’d have certainly put in a link to let them purchase it 😊




Antoine Lutti

Sep 21, 2021, 7:05:38 PM9/21/21
to Raamana, Pradeep Reddy, niQC
Hi Pradeep,
I guess one of the questions I would ask would be around what kind of quality control metric they use (if any), depending on what kind of data they work with, and how they make use of this information.
This will act as a survey of people's awareness of the issue.

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Dr Cyril, Pernet

Sep 22, 2021, 4:10:03 AM9/22/21
to Antoine Lutti, Raamana, Pradeep Reddy, niQC

to top up Antoine's question ... if they don't use QC, why? (1) simply not thought about it, (2) not sure how to use it, (3) other



PS: I personally like the fact the talks are not schedule at the same time/day because we are all in different time zones and have various commitments, giving more room to attend when possible

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Dr Cyril Pernet, PhD, OHBM fellow, SSI fellow
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Raamana, Pradeep Reddy

Sep 22, 2021, 5:14:11 PM9/22/21
to Dr Cyril, Pernet, Antoine Lutti, niQC

Thanks Cyril and Antoine. My goal is to learn their challenges faced by the community as well, beyond the oft-cited “we just don’t have the time/energy/$$/resources ..” I also many would wish for a “one-click auto QC” solution, that won’t exist well into the future (without the creation of SBPs, open datasets, good models, their community validation etc).


Reg talks schedule, I am trying to avoid doodle polls, and are just going by speaker convenience in reasonably inclusive time slots when possible. If there are better ways to do it, let me know. We could certainly run a when2meet to poll to roughly figure what days/times would be good for those interested in attending these talks live. As we are committed to recording and sharing them, some may prefer to watch them offline.

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