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Ian Davis

Mar 15, 2009, 12:46:02 AM3/15/09
to ninject-dev
With the move to GitHub:

Are the user and developer lists going to stay on google?
Are the extensions in 1.0 planned for 2.0, or are they going to be
left as a community effort?


Nate Kohari

Mar 15, 2009, 11:56:57 AM3/15/09

User and developer lists will remain where they are. I'm not planning on re-implementing the extensions just yet, but I may do so if I end up needing them personally. :)

I'd really like to encourage the community around Ninject to develop extensions, and I'm working on a way to host them on the Ninject website -- similar to the model that jQuery uses.

If you have ideas for extensions, or want to migrate the existing ones to Ninject 2, by all means please do, I'll make sure it gets published and you get credit! :)


Mar 15, 2009, 1:01:39 PM3/15/09
I use the MVC web extension currently. I would like to use a logging extension and message broker in the future.

Is it worth trying to implement the message broker using the weakevent pattern to try to remove management of the publishers & subscribers, and untie the object lifetimes
from the kernel ( they are currently influenced through the object management and eventhandlers)?

When implementing the synchronization extension for 1.0, I had a lot of trouble trying to inject my code are the creation and calling context of the binding. For the creation I
had to create a behavior context decorator to replace the actual behavior for the component in order to control the object's creation (during the registration strategy's build
method). Is this easier or even possible in Ninject2?


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