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Mar 27, 2013, 6:21:52 PM3/27/13
I am using the NIPagingScrollView in a view to show images at around 640x480.  When user clicks on the pagingScrollView i change the size to full screen size and then show the scrubberview.

When the pagingScrollView resizes you can see the NIPagingScrollViewPage's that neighbor the center page.  Is there a way to resize this pagingScrollView so those aren't shown, i guess essentially changing the contentSize before changing the frame size?  

The set frame method

- (void)setFrame:(CGRect)frame {
  // We have to modify this method because it eventually leads to changing the content offset
  // programmatically. When this happens we end up getting a scrollViewDidScroll: message
  // during which we do not want to modify the visible pages because this is handled elsewhere.
  [super setFrame:frame];

  self.pagingScrollView.contentSize = [self contentSizeForPagingScrollView];
  [self layoutVisiblePages];

has a note that i'm wondering if this is part of the cause of this issue? Any suggestions?
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