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Aug 4, 2012, 12:24:41 AM8/4/12
Just getting started with Nimbus on my project. Looks great.

Top of my list is the CSS stuff and i had a few questions.

1) Seemed there was some initial talk on this page of some cool features:

Something like this: [stylesheet applyRecursivelyTo:self.view] would be awesome. Did it ever make it?  I cant find.

2) Also it mentioned appearance. Is there a recommended path to apply NICSSRulesets to UIAppearance? I was considering exposing all the raw rulesets of a stylesheet through a category and looping over them to apply to appearances

3) Is there a recommended way to use CSSRulesets to set the background image of buttons? I was going to make a category on NICSSRuleset with some custom selectors. But it seems weird this doesnt exist already. Am i missing something?

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