How can i resize the NIPage Scroll View in Nimbus Kit

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Anish Kumar

Aug 31, 2012, 1:59:22 AM8/31/12
   I am trying to implement Nimbus Models (In Nimbus examples Launcher - > Model) in my tableview cells. For that i created a custom class for nimbus model and i loaded the nimbus model custom class in my tableview cell ,so i  resize the Launcher View Controller to cell size (some what 120 px). but when i run the app, it get crashes with the following error.

-[NILauncherView calculateLayoutForFrame:buttonDimensions:numberOfRows:numberOfColumns:buttonMargins:](195): NIDASSERT failed: numberOfRows > 0

When i look through code, i found the error on this line

if (NILauncherViewGridBasedOnButtonSize == numberOfRows) {
    numberOfRows = floorf(pageHeight / buttonDimensions.height);

here pageHeight becomes 44, buttonDimensions.height is 80. so i am getting 0 as answer

 NIDASSERT(numberOfRows > 0); //this throws an error

How can i add the nimbus page view scroller in my tableview cell.

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