Help with nimble - update to use latest shiro

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Sudhir N

Sep 25, 2011, 12:17:37 PM9/25/11
to, Nimble

We decided to use Nimble in our app, but now its being quite difficult with nimble as it is not being managed any more,
We need the nimble to use the latest version of the shiro plugin, because the shiro dependencies are updated in shiro grails plugin and we need features like Subject.Builder and Subject.runAs()

Can you please help me with updating the nimble to use the latest shiro plugin.
Also you can update the documentation for the status of the project so that new users know that the plugin is no longer being maintained.
I believe there would be many new users choosing to use nimble.


Bradley Beddoes

Sep 25, 2011, 11:48:10 PM9/25/11
to Sudhir N, Nimble
I have taken a few moments to add that notice to the wiki pages. Waiting for access to the Grails doco and i'll add it to that page as well.

I'm sorry but I have no time to assist with code development at this time. The Shiro project is very flexible and maintained by a number of wonderful folks. Given both pieces are open source it should be trivial to make any required changes for later Shiro releases.


Sean O'Connor

Sep 26, 2011, 12:20:18 AM9/26/11
Hi Bradley,
    First: thank you for the work you've done. Nimble was an easy and aesthetic way for me to jump into Shiro. I like the polish you added with some javascript and similar. I'm still using Nimble, and very much like the direction you've gone with it.

    I will be revisiting security (and ACL's) probably close to the end of the year. I hope to stick with Nimble as a 'front-end' to shiro, but it may be a better decision for my employer to have me focus on shiro directly. Anyhow, I wanted to pass along my appreciation for what you've done.

To Sudhir:
you could probably post an elance (or similar) job for a very reasonable price. I imagine someone with the right experience (not me) could make the changes in an hour or two. Who knows, it might even be something someone could do for less than $100.

Barring that, I believe you would find it helpful to spend an hour or two working on the migration, and post specific questions or error messages. There's no promise that anyone would help, but posting specifics often helps. It can also spark the interest of talented people who are not actively involved, but might easily be drawn in.
Best regards,

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Sudhir N

Sep 26, 2011, 1:43:09 AM9/26/11
Hello Sean,

Yes, I will be doing this now myself, Will try to upgrade nimble to use latest shiro and see how it goes, I will come up with issues if there are any.

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