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Rachel Carroll

Jun 14, 2021, 7:35:06 PMJun 14
to nimble-users

I am running into issues with the following model. The first was to do with the zeros trick that works in BUGS but not nimble. I *think* I get around that by reading in a vector of zeros per another thread response. The second issue I run in to is with the indexing of my spatial random effect. It's a simple uncorrelated random effect in this model but I get the errors below. Please advise.


#AFT attempt nimble

ModelCode <- nimbleCode({
  for (i in 1:I){ #individuals
    #logistic distn surv and density
    #log like
    #Poisson zeros trick
   # zeros[i]<-0
    new[i]<- -L[i]
  }#close i loop
  for (j in 1:16){beta[j]~dnorm(0,0.001)}
  for (j in 1:64){u[j]~dnorm(0,tauu)}#close j loop

databrca=read.csv("C:\\Users\\carrollr\\OneDrive - UNC-Wilmington\\Student Projects\\Spring 19\\Data\\BrCadat.csv")
             #predictor order: x1=agedx,x2=race (AA), x3=grade high,x4=igrade unkn
             #x5=surg yes,x6=surg unkn, x7=married,x8=prev married,
             #x9=marital stat unkn,x10=eppr -+,x11=erpr +-,x12=erpr ++,
             #x13=erpr unkn,x14=radition yes, x15=radiation unkn

## build the model
rModel <- nimbleModel(ModelCode, constants = list(I = length(databrca$timeF),spt=databrca$spt),
                          data <- AFTdata, check = FALSE )
#run model
mcmc.out <- nimbleMCMC(code=ModelCode, constants = list(I = I),
                       data <- AFTdata, 
                       inits = init,
                       nchains = 2, niter = 5000, summary = T, WAIC = T)
mcmc.out$summary$all.chains#parameter estimates


Warning: dynamic index out of bounds: exp(beta[1] + beta[2] * x1[i] + beta[3] * x2[i] + beta[4] * x3[i] + beta[5] * x4[i] + beta[6] * x5[i] + beta[7] * x6[i] + beta[8] * x7[i] + beta[9] * x8[i] + beta[10] * x9[i] + beta[11] * x10[i] + beta[12] * x11[i] + beta[13] * x12[i] + beta[14] * x13[i] + beta[15] * x14[i] + beta[16] * x15[i] + u[spt[i]])

NAs were detected in model variable: spt.

NaNs were detected in model variables: lam, temp, s, f, L, new, logProb_zeros.

model building finished.


Warning message:

In warnRHSonlyDynIdx() :

  Detected use of non-constant indexes: spt[1], spt[2], spt[3], spt[4], spt[5], spt[6], spt[7], spt[8], spt[9], spt[10], spt[11], spt[12], spt[13], spt[14], spt[15], spt[16], spt[17], spt[18], spt[19], spt[20], spt[21], spt[22], spt[23], spt[24], spt[25], spt[26], spt[27], spt[28], spt[29], spt[30], spt[31], spt[32], spt[33], spt[34], spt[35], spt[36], spt[37], spt[38], spt[39], spt[40], spt[41], spt[42], spt[43], spt[44], spt[45], spt[46], spt[47], spt[48], spt[49], spt[50], ... For computational efficiency we recommend specifying these in 'constants'.

> spt=databrca$spt

> spt[1]

[1] 60

> summary(spt)

   Min. 1st Qu.  Median    Mean 3rd Qu.    Max.

   1.00   25.00   38.00   35.96   48.00   64.00

> is.integer(spt)

[1] TRUE

Chris Paciorek

Jun 15, 2021, 8:52:46 PMJun 15
to Rachel Carroll, nimble-users
hi Rachel,

It looks like you are specifying constants correctly when you create the model but you then specify the constants again and don't provide 'spt' when you call nimbleMCMC with only the code and not the model. So the model is being recreated within nimbleMCMC using only "I" as constants. Please try either specifying the full set of constants when passing in the code to nimbleModel. Alternatively pass the model into nimbleMCMC and not the code, and don't specify constants in the call to nimbleMCMC, only in the call to nimbleModel.

Side note: In nimble you can use "dnorm(some_mean, sd = some_sd)" and not have to create the tauu intermediate.

Side note #2: We don't allow you to specify 'zeroes' on the left hand side twice (once to set as zero and once with dpois), hence you need to set the value of 'zeroes' as part of 'data' as you have done.


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