3-day FP course, Melbourne 29-31 January 2018

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Tony Morris

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Queensland Functional Programming Lab, a Data61/CSIRO and Queensland
Government initiative, are running a free 3-day Functional Programming
workshop in Melbourne, January 2018. The workshop will be split into two
tracks of focus:

1. **Introduction to Functional Programming**. This is the traditional
workshop that has been run by Data61 for many years. This track is
targeted toward people who have some basic programming experience, but
little or no exposure to Functional Programming.

2. **Applied Functional Programming**. This is new course material that
is targeted toward programmers who have become proficient with
navigating Functional Programming concepts, and in particular, Haskell
data structures. This course material involves writing a web application
with a database backend.

# Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested in Functional Programming (FP) is encouraged to
register. The introductory workshop track is designed to be inclusive
and requires no prior experience with functional programming. Each
session will be instructed by team members of the QFPL and you will be
using the Haskell programming language to help you along your path of FP
discovery. The Applied FP track will also be instructed by QFPL team

# Program Details

* **Date:** Monday 29 January 2018 – Wednesday 31 January 2018
* **Time:** 0900 – 1700 *(UTC+11)*
* **Location:** CSIRO, 343 Royal Parade, Parkville VIC 3052
* **Cost:** Free.

# Requirements for participation

Participants will be required to bring a suitable development machine
(portable) for working through the exercises. You will also need to
install the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (http://www.haskell.org/ghc/)
version 7.8 or higher on that machine.

You will require a local clone on your development machine, of two
github repositories:

1. https://github.com/data61/fp-course/
2. https://github.com/qfpl/applied-fp-course

The Applied Functional Programming track requires a working install of
SQLite3 on your development machine. It has been tested with SQLite v3.21.0.

There are no other primary requirements. Reading up on Haskell syntax
prior to the introductory material will be beneficial to progress.


# Expression of Interest

Please email your expression of interest to Nicoll...@csiro.au by *TBD*.

In your response, please address the questions below. These questions
are used to ensure that your expectations are compatible with the
courses. Note: Your answers will not be shared outside of the QFPL team.

1. How would you rate your level of understanding of functional programming?
2. What would you hope to get out of the session?

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