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Nero Zuo

Feb 10, 2017, 3:08:33 AM2/10/17
to nicta-fp

I encountered a problem when running the test failed with doctest 

$ doctest -isrc -Wall -fno-warn-type-defaults src/Course/List.hs
### Failure in src/Course/List.hs:29: expression `instance Arbitrary a => Arbitrary (List a) where arbitrary = P.fmap ((P.foldr (:.) Nil) :: ([a] -> List a)) arbitrary'
 but got:
          <interactive>:29:1: warning: [-Worphans]
             Orphan instance: instance Arbitrary a => Arbitrary (List a)
             To avoid this
                 move the instance declaration to the module of the class or of the type, or
                 wrap the type with a newtype and declare the instance on the new type.
Examples: 58  Tried: 4  Errors: 0  Failures: 1

My computer system is OS X EL Capitan 10.11.6   
GHC version is 8.0.1 

By the way my Ubuntu 16.10 computer works well and its GHC version is 7.10.3

Can anyone help me?   

Zak Patterson

Apr 30, 2017, 5:30:20 PM4/30/17
to nicta-fp

I just got started here yesterday. The workaround for me right now is to add the option `-fno-warn-orphans` to the doctest command.  I'm using GHC 8.0.2 now. 


Tony Morris

Jun 22, 2017, 9:14:05 PM6/22/17
to nicta-fp
Hi Nero,
This is a known problem. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. We have just now started working toward correcting it. The solution will likely involve removing doctest altogether.
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