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Scott Morrow

Aug 25, 2011, 5:00:52 PM8/25/11
to Nickelsville Announcements
It's back - the Nickelsville Car Warsh is for a too important purpose
(paying for the porta potties) to give up on.

Please Visit Us Saturday at our NEW location - the Krispy Creme Shop
at 1900 1st Avenue South (and South Holgate) - just blocks from the
Mariners Baseball Stadium in Sodo. We'll be there from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Firstly, we would like to thank Les Schwab Tires on 4th Avenue South
for being willing to host our car wash (as they have many other groups
car washes in the past.) How could either of us guess that Seattle
has Car Wash Police who would spot an our announcement of the car wash
on the West Seattle Blog? Both of us could hardly imagine that the
Seattle Car Wash Police would threaten Mr. Schwab with conducting
illegal activities if Nickelsville continued with the car wash.

But Threaten They Did! Fortunately, we Nickelodeons have found an eco-
friendly alternative - the Krispy Creme Donut Shop. With their
degreasing, de-icing, defibrallating and deconstructing doo dad (sorry
for the technical talk) the Seattle Car Wash Police can't threaten
them! (The Krispy Creme drain is one of only three in all of Seattle
fit for charity carwashes, according to the Car Wash Police.) And
Nickelsville would just as soon be eco friendly anyway.

But now time is short and hundreds of fliers have been posted for the
wrong location (aka Mr. Schwabbs Tire Store.)

Please help we Nickelodeons counteract this disaster: Spread the word
far and wide to your car, motorcycle, bicycle and skateboarding
friends - the best and eco friendliest car wash in town this Saturday
is at Krispy Creme! We Hope to See You There!

Now that we've reported on that emergency, here's the rest of our
weekly update:

Yesterday Nickelsville's first all-women building group tackled the
construction of another small, simple, sturdy sleeping structure.
There's more to do, but so far so good. Thanks to our friends Alice
and Doug for promoting and helping with this great idea.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY - Our long time water haulers, Ben and Cheri,
will be retiring in a week. We owe them a sincere thank you for their
dedication to Nickelsville. Since we have no running water on site
we're in need of new volunteers to refill and deliver our water
containers starting next week. (We have many West Seattle friends who
are now working with Ben and Cheri, and many of them will continue
helping. The West Seattle Crew has a system for scheduling and drop
offs, but they need all of our support! Plus the camp needs to fill
two days a week on its own.)

A pickup, van, or SUV works best for carrying our 5 gallon
containers. If you're interested in bringing water for one or more
days a week to camp, please contact our staff person, Scott Morrow, at

By the way, the long term solution is for the City Council to
recognize our existence and let us use the city utilities on site!
Mid term, we are looking for some irrigation tanks (and trailer.)

Monetary donations are always needed to pay for our utilities of Honey
Buckets, Dumper, and Cell Phone. Our mailing address is PO Box 2548,
Seattle WA 98111.

This weeks other camp donation priorities are:

33 gallon trash bags
toilet paper
canned meat
batteries, especially AA, AAA and D sizes
bleach and dish soap.

You're always welcome to come by for a visit or tour. Check out our
website at We're also on Facebook.
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