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Scott Morrow

Dec 11, 2011, 1:21:01 PM12/11/11
to Nickelsville Announcements
Greetings, Friends and Neighbors, from Nickelsville.

It has been another hard week or two in camp, but several obstacles
were overcome. After the deluge, the small sump-pump donated worked
wonders. A few hours of running the generator, and the Nickelsville
lakes were expelled. Once the majority of the water was gone, the
ground drained just fine, and we can once again walk without fear of
our footwear.

Yet another hurdle overcome, a friend of the camp has made a shell for
our clean burning eco-stoves. The shell increases radiant heating from
these nifty stoves, and allows better controlled cooking.

Nickelsville was awed and surprised at the donation that came in last
Saturday, through the Stuff-a-Bus program. The entire camp has gotten
warm jackets and gloves. Nickelsville truly appreciates this show of

Another great donation from the greater community from the local
Animal Control, a great group brought in food and carrying cages for
our four-legged residents.

On Wednesday Night four of us - Basil, Daddy, Nate, and Peggy - and
our staff person went to the Highland Park Action Committee Meeting
about Nickelsville. Camp friend and donor Joanne was there, and she
helped Mike - who has had a medical emergency - get there too. Deputy
Mayor Darryl Smith and City Councilman Tom Rasmussen were present, as
was Councilperson Licata's Aide Lisa Herbold.

About 40 people from the Highland Park neighborhood present. Most of
them have been very sympathetic and supportive of Nickelsville, and
repeated their support Wednesday. As in most neighborhoods, there
were 6 or so who would just as soon see us gone tomorrow. What most
neighbors agreed about, though, was that they would like some
certainty about how long we are going to be where we are.

They would not only like this to be clear, but also to make sure we
get the support any community needs - such as water, electricity and
sewage - while we are there. While Nickelsville would be glad to
negotiate clear understandings like this, City Government city isn't
ready yet. The City Council first needs to decide if they will
acknowledge the massive number of homeless people who would benefit
from at least living in a safe encampment in Seattle, or if they
prefer the old days of denial and sweeps.

So far it has been Mayor McGinn, Deputy Mayor Smith, and Councilpeople
Licata, O'Brien and Bagshaw who have been willing to admit that there
should be an alternative to sweeping encampments. We won't always
agree with them either, but at least they are trying and we thank them
for that.

Now for the future:

We have another Pancake Breakfast fund-raiser next Saturday December
17th, from 8 am to 11 am. Nickelsville is well known for their awesome
pancakes, and there are few better ways to spend your Saturday morning
than with your friends and neighbors over coffee and breakfast. The
Keystone Congregational Church will host this event. Again, bring your
family, friends, and your appetites to 5019 Keystone Place, in

We have a flier about this event. Please E mail us if you can make
copies of it and then post or otherwise distribute them.

The Green Lake Seventh Day Adventists will be holding their Christmas
Concert on the 16th of December. It sounds like an awesome and
entertaining event. The proceeds will be going to support

Today Dorli Rainey is having her 85th Birthday Party. She has been
fighting for Nickelsville since day one, and constantly is encouraging
us. When the Port of Seattle swept us at Terminal 107, they had to
sweep Dorli too. A month ago the Seattle Police pepper sprayed her
with no provocation as she was meeting with Occupy Seattle People.
The picture went around the world and was seen by millions. We are
honored that Dorli has asked her friends to donate to either Occupy
Seattle or Nickelsville, instead of giving a gift to her.

She has invited us and all her friends to her birthday party today at
4:00 PM. It is at the University Temple United Methodist Church in
the University District. There will be cake and a birthday toast or
two! Come by if you can! Congratulations Dorli and keep up the good

As usual, we have few pressing needs we wish to bring to your
attention. First and foremost, Nickelsville is always in need of
funding for sani-cans, dumpsters and cell phone bill. The other
pressing needs we face are building materials for our Simple Sleeping
Structures and warm clothing for larger campers (XL - XXXL), as well
as rain gear of all sizes. Batteries are always appreciated for the
flashlights and other necessary electronics that we have in the camp.
Of great importance would be all types of hygiene products for women
as well as hair care products such as shampoo, combs and brushes. Our
feline residents are always in need of additional pet supplies
especially food and kitty-litter. Finally, more firewood as well as
tools to split the firewood with are always appreciated in this cold

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