Nickelsville Open Letter to Mayor McGinn and our Fellow Seattle Citizens

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Ibu Oni

May 18, 2011, 4:18:32 PM5/18/11
to Nickelsville Announcements
Dear Mayor McGinn and our Fellow Seattle Citizens:

Last Friday the 13th Nickelsville returned to its original home at
7116 West Marginal Way Southwest. The land is just like we left it 31
months ago – surrounded by berms on three sides, with several mostly
level and grass acres inside. Presently the scotch broom is in

While Nickelsville has moved 16 times this land sat vacant. While 95
homeless people died outside or by violence this land sat vacant.
Mayor Nickels, and his plan to place a jail here, are now in the past,
but the land remained vacant.

Isn’t it time for the needs of poor people to come before the need to
keep this land vacant? Isn’t it time we admit compassion and common
sense aren’t weaknesses, but core values of good leaders?

Please let us stay. Let us create a community Seattle can be proud
of. Attached is our plan for our home. All we ask from City
Government is this land, and access to nearby utilities. We
respectfully ask you and your able Deputy to negotiate with us.

Thank you for your consideration and kindness in allowing our use of
Old Fire Station #39 this past winter. We hope you find the way we
returned it acceptable, and a sign that we keep our word to all who
make agreements with us.


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