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Scott Morrow

Jun 23, 2011, 2:01:54 PM6/23/11
to Nickelsville Announcements
Greetings from Nickelsville!  It has been another busy week.  The first Small Simple Sturdy Sleeping Structure is built and occupied, Saturdays Open House and Potluck was fabulous and fun, and our meeting with the West Duwamish Crime Watch Committee was positive and productive.

On Tuesday we were shocked to learn that due to a combination of factors - including criminals in Eastern Europe, stolen credit cards, and a hostile takeover of our domain name - The Nickelsvilleseattle Website and staff emailing capacity had completely disappeared!  Whats more it won't (exactly) be coming back!

Our new Website Name is  It is presently under construction, and will return shortly.  Our staff persons new email address is - please take note because the old address doesn't work.  Thanks to Jay Beavers, Beatrice Friberg and others who are diligently repairing all this damage.

These troubles were offset by the tremendous success of our Open House on Saturday.  While the weather seemed at first uncooperative by the time 5 PM Rolled around for the Potluck the rain stopped and it warmed up.  Huge thanks to all who participated, and thanks to all who brought delicious food.  Some people who couldn't stay either stopped by and dropped of a food contribution or left it at one of several drop off locations prearranged by the West Seattle Blog.

Early in July we are looking forward to visits from several City Council People.  Our goal is to get another Small Simple Sturdy Sleeping Structure or two up before then, and a play area set up for our youth population.  One great challenge is finding the necessary building materials.  At the end of this update there is a list of the materials - if you can contribute any we'd sure appreciate it.

Another area of concern this week was neighborhood security.  Because this is such a big neighborhood we have started a bicycle patrol.  The riders report back to Nickelsville via walkie talkie.  While this has started well, it also has totally worn out one camp bike.  Now we are on our last one.  If you've got a spare bike - guess who could use it?  (us)

The walkie talkies require both AA and AAA batteries, so now we are on the hunt for both batteries and a recharging unit.  If we get such a unit it will be in keeping with out goal of being an Eco-Village.

There will always be an ebb and flow of donation needs.  This week we have welcomed two new families.  Until we can build enough structures to accommodate the ever increasing flood of economic refugees we need to ensure that we can give them a safe and stable living environment.  This means we are particularly in need of family-sized tents (in addition to the usual 8 by 8 and 10 by 10 tents) this week.

Another challenge this week was the passing of a beloved mother cat shortly after giving birth to two kittens.  We have investigated thoroughly, and have concluded that this was an unpreventable natural act.  The kittens have left the camp and are being taken care of by family.  This sad occurrence has been a wake up call to for us to review and adjust our pet policies to this new permanent site and its new challenges. 

As always we appreciate your good wishes and support.  Below, as promised, is the list of:
Items used in the construction of our Small Simple Sturdy Sleeping Structures:

8x8x16 concrete blocks or concrete pads with steel brackets (six per structure)
8x2x6 HF#2 grade (7 per structure)
12x2x6 HF#2 grade (2 per structure)
4x8 underlayment grade plywood 5/8" t&g (3 per structure)
8x2x4 HF#2 grade ((11 per structure)
8 5/8x2x4 hf stud grade (14 per structure)
6x2x4 hf stud grade (11 per structure)
320 sq ft 15# building paper (per structure)
4x8x 3/8 t&g siding grade plywood (10 per structure)
10x2x6 HF#2 (7 per structure)
12x2x8 5152E tight knot cedar (2 per structure)
4x8x 1/2" CDX plywood (4 per structure)
10x1x8 5151E tight knot cedar (2 per structure)
156 sq ft 30# roofing felt per structure
120 sq ft ashalt comp shingles per structure
10x1.5"x1.5" aluminum l metal flashing (3 per structure)
1 exterior grade door w)casing & hardward 32"x80"
1 3 x 4 window, single hung prefered
3# staples, 10# 10d nails, roofing nails, 10d double head nails or screws
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