Water, Politics and a Party

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Scott Morrow

Sep 15, 2011, 7:26:12 PM9/15/11
to Nickelsville Announcements

Nickelsville needs water. 125 gallons a day. When City Hall accepts
Nickelsville's need to survive, we'll just turn on the tap at the edge
of the lot. Until that time, we must rely on our friends with
vehicles and drivers licenses.

Dave and his son will be moving out Friday. They have been a big help
with the the water the past several weeks, and will be missed.

We've got jugs and places to fill them up. What will be needed for
the foreseeable future, though, are people who can help get the jugs
back and forth.

Since we've moved back to our present site, a remarkable group of West
Seattle Neighbors - particularly one couple for over 2 1/2 months -
has kept Nickelsville hydrated.

If you can, please consider helping transport the water to camp one
day a week. Call staff at (206) 450-9136.

As this alert reported on Monday, yesterday afternoon a City Council
Committee heard a staff report on how to help 'unsheltered' people
like us in Seattle.

A good group of folks attended the hearing from Nickelsville, the
wider community, SHARE and WHEEL, and particularly their Tent City3.
TC3 has reason to be worried, as the proposed City Encampment
Ordinance would be a huge set back for them.

Nickelsville Speakers invited Councilpersons Licata and Clark to our
Birthday Parte on Saturday September 24th. We also tried to fill in
some blankets in the Council Staff's analysis of our community, and
how much we need the City to just recognize our value and ability to

There will be more to come on this!

Finally, here are three friendly announcements:

Everyone is invited to a "Leaf of Remembrance" dedication and
reception for Robert Hansen at 2 pm Sunday, September 18th at the
Seward Park PCC. Robert had stayed out at Nickelsville at one point in
his life, at other times he stayed in SHARE's Woodland Park Shelter
and at TC3.

The address to Seward Park is 5041 Wilson Avenue S. Bus #39 from
downtown that can be caught at 3rd and Union Street. The Leaf with
Roberts Name is being placed outside the Seward Park PCC because he
often sold Real Change Newspapers here. For more info call
206-956-0334 or email whee...@yahoo.com or www.fallenleaves.org.

Next Wednesday there will be a silent witnessing vigil for Victor
Parker. He is the homeless man who, along with three of his friends,
were shot along Rainier Avenue early Monday Morning. Victor died; the
other three are holding on.

This Vigil will be dedicated to the memory of our beloved friend, Bill
Walden. He was just moving into Nickelsville, and was already a great
friend of many in camp, when he passed, apparently from heart

The Vigil will be on 5th Avenue between Cherry and James from 12 to 1
in front of the Seattle Justice Center on Wednesday. For more
information call WHEEL at 956-0334 or whee...@yahoo.com.

There will be a gathering at Mary's Place Community Center (314 Bell
Street) from 11 am on the day of the vigil and some black clothing is
available there prior to vigils. Men are welcome to help leaflet at
vigils or stand with us in solidarity.

Lastly, here's a 3rd Annual Nickelsville Parte' Update: In addition
to the Pig Roast, there will be hamburgers and something vegetarian.
We are making Potato Salad and Coleslaw, and our friend Joanne is
helping with other food and drink.

If you can help with something, please contact her at

There will be a Parade of Pets, so please bring your dog or cat,
kitten or puppy, to participate. Speeches will be kept to a minimum,
but there will be a blessing of the food.

See you soon!
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