Better ways to auto-apply syntax highlighting

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Peter Yu

Jul 4, 2020, 9:59:41 PM7/4/20
to niceeditor
Hi there,

I'm wondering if a built-in solution can be found for the issue of some file extensions not automatically receiving syntax highlighting due to joe editor's incompatible naming scheme.
Of course one could manually edit #ap files to load syntax highlighting on each of the affected extensions, but there remains the strangeness of *.python being recognized as a valid python file. (or debian.jsf, which is meant for files named sources.list)
One change could be to simply rename the files (e.g. python.jsf -> py.jsf): it would maintain ne's simple "config file name equals the file extension it applies to" behavior, and surely it isn't difficult to keep up with joe editor upstream.
Or, perhaps functionality could be added to parse joe's /etc/joe/ftyperc file and automatically translate extensions to jsf files.
A change like this could be quite simple, yet I think it would make the user experience a great deal more predictable, especially for new users.

What do you think?
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