cursor disappears when ne called from sncli

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Apr 3, 2024, 8:31:30 PMApr 3
to niceeditor
When I use ne as the default editor for sncli, the cursor doesn't show when the editor is called from the app. 
I cannot find a solution for this, but maybe someone here can enlighten me. I would very much appreciate it.
Thanks for your consideration.

Apr 3, 2024, 10:25:28 PMApr 3
to niceeditor
Sounds like the terminal isn't being set right. Can you create a wrapper scrip that looks like this:

     tput reset
     ne "$@"

and set cfg_editor to point to that script?

I've never seen sncli before, and I don't have a Simplenote account. Sorry.


Apr 4, 2024, 12:33:53 AMApr 4
to niceeditor
Thanks uto!  That works very nicely.  I was beginning to beleive that I would never solve this.  But uto, I don't suppose your script is pointed out in the ne docs and if so what section.  I've got a feeling that this is some common Linux knowledge that I don't know, but it is working, so there is that.
Once again thanks.
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