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Storm Dragon

Jul 25, 2019, 9:20:12 PM7/25/19

I was looking for pot files for this project because we are looking to translate it into a few languages, unless it is already done. I didn't find any pot or po files though. Am I overlooking something obvious here, or is gettext not implemented yet?



Aug 13, 2019, 7:07:43 AM8/13/19
to niceeditor
Dear Storm Dragon,

So sorry for the delay responding.

No efforts at internationalizing ne have been made. This may be surprising, as `ne` was written from scratch by a native Italian speaker. (Thanks, Sebastiano!) That was also in the early 1990s, so internationalization was not so common back then either. He made the decision to implement the documentation and commands in English, a decision for which I am grateful, as otherwise I -- an English-only person -- would be a vi user today. (Not that there's anything wrong with vi; it's a very capable editor that I use every time I have to build ne on another system!)

Though I'm sure it could be done, and it would make ne more accessible to many people, we have only limited resources. I'm not sure that for me personally the benefit would be worth the added code and complexity. I absolutely accept that native speakers of other languages could/would/should have strong feelings about that statement. However, I have only a finite number of fun coding hours left to me, and I'm not likely to spend them there.

I laud your efforts to bring more quality software to people in their preferred language. Beyond good wishes, though, I'm afraid I'm going to be of little use to you.
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