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Nick Plante

Jan 31, 2012, 3:29:31 PM1/31/12
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Hi there,

So NH.rb has been rolled into the new more general-purpose "Portsmouth Web Dev" group (I clearly lost the name war here) which is being co-organized by myself, Josh Cyr of Alphaloft, and Jeff Leombruno of Pixelmedia. Meetups will be monthly on every second Wednesday, and the first one will be held Wednesday 2/15 6:00PM at Alphaloft in downtown Portsmouth. 

For the first event, my good friend Mark Bates will be coming up from Boston to give an introductory talk on CoffeeScript. Here's the abstract, in case you know not whence I speak:

CoffeeScript is taking the world, by storm. This little language has provided an almost Ruby/Python like abstraction onto of JavaScript. CoffeeScript is trying to make writing front end code as much fun as writing backend code can be.

In this talk we start with the basic concepts of CoffeeScript and move on to the more powerful and fun features of the language. We’ll learn how CoffeeScript helps us prevent common JavaScript bugs such as bad scope and improper use of ==. We’ll also learn about the fun new constructs it provides like classes, inheritance, and bound functions.

Never before has writing front end applications been so easy, and so much fun! Your applications will come alive as you start writing more powerful code, quicker and more stable/secure. Come see what all the cools kids are talking about.

Mark is a frequent conference speaker and is finishing up a book on the subject for Addison-Wesley (find out more at http://my.safaribooksonline.com/book/programming/coffeescript/9780132946155). He's an awesome guy, with a lot of great experience.

Future meetup topics will of course feature Ruby and Rails related topics, among other things. The whole ideas is to pull our little NH tech community closer together and help us stay on top of new developments. I hope you'll join us! Register for the group and/or RSVP for the event at :



PS there's also a new startup-focused group, more details at http://www.meetup.com/portsmouthstartupmeetup/
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