Mourning Warbler - Charlestown

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Nov 25, 2023, 4:53:20 PM11/25/23
I went to the Connecticut River Valley today, mostly in Charlestown, for what might be my last significant effort in Sullivan County for the November County Challenge. Being so tucked away in the forest and mountains, I expected waterbirds to be the most likely group to contribute more species to the county list. Unfortunately, waterbirds were lacking. Mostly usual suspects outside of a Red-breasted Merganser which is already counted for the month. So I decided to poke around areas with thickets and berries looking for maybe a Catbird or Thrasher still lingering around. I stopped at Wetherby Road in Charlestown where I had a Winter Wren calling right away. Once I found the Wren, I realized I could hear the chipping of something else, something very warbler-like nearby. That’s when I found the subject bird. I stayed with the bird for around 15 minutes before it disappeared into some thickets and went silent. Thankfully it was chatty and let me get recordings as it wasn’t nearly as obliging with photographs (Mourning Warblers rarely are). My checklist is linked below with more details and media attached. Sullivan finally getting in on the late Warbler action! Our third Warbler species for November this year.

-Dylan Jackson

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