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Kurk Dorsey

Nov 24, 2023, 8:19:21 PM11/24/23
to NHBirds
I took one off of Robbie's to-do list from yesterday, hearing a Pine Grosbeak warbling away at Oyster River Forest in Durham this morning.  It sang twice from the clearing, but I was still in the woods and couldn't get out to see it before it flew off to Lee.  I also had close-up views of a lingering Towhee, and generally just a nice collection of birds (nice as in well-manneredmost stayed very still for me to ID and politely asked me about my holiday).

So far, the grosbeak is the only bird that I've contributed to the Strafford Stragglers' NCC list, because every good bird I find is either a repeat (Saw-whet Owl, Phoebe) or gets found elsewhere (Rough-legged Hawk, Catbird).  Maybe that means a bunch of Strafforders will find grosbeaks tomorrow?

I have spent all birding hours in November just in Durham (being very careful to close my eyes as soon as I cross into Newmarket or Lee) (although I will deny that to my insurance carrier), curious if I could break my old personal record of 79 species in town in November (2020).  The grosbeak was #79 for this month, then I finally tracked down a mockingbird for #80.  10 days ago, I thought I could get to 92, basically half of the county November list, but my inability to find almost anything at Adams Point or will the Ash-throated Flycatcher to head south a couple miles has put an end to that quest.  Still, it has been fun looking for new spots where a yellowthroat or the like might be hiding.  Thanks Pam!

Kurk Dorsey
Durham Dumpster Divers
(a minor league affiliate of the Strafford Stragglers)
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