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Sajjad Jafari bojd

May 19, 2022, 5:58:08 AM5/19/22
to ngx-pagespeed-discuss
I'm getting this in JS and CSS console:
SyntaxError: illegal character:

And when I open up the offending file, it displays this:
dk"�چہژ�•ى؟µïصپéu!،¢d¶n‡UœmZ‍�9 aپ§êقف‎؟_pخW �ة‏ےûûٍكTز7Q–£طوè;Gب½×ع{ڈQpk¸�4FKْذ�Aْہkح5×¾÷‍sn©»ھZnµZ@ڈ1û€،ح،£�0
Kz��(u�›€ئجfqüfüJ;® „ش‡�eêë‏œکa�NrU‎‚ْ�iµ²¹o±ز�ؤ„‎¹÷أ^ںفzù—ôٹˆJً�¢¦{I¥خ5ùm÷زق.Bد��!ةYFھ•¤‎q±ك�6�cK�„ےâں؟ف‰î·�Owîّ ½PoŒٍرهô�ظ%ٍ�èفèsR°ل8دôB/¦¯�«‡z؟ط‹U{dSî,[زc[•+»{®Xµ�hعمê�i��ژk7è+ک>آق گ¥?ٌسڈ9[÷8[E�3¾�پ��H�‰نژ”�I�ê�€Bj¢�R���@�4ز@C
4ذ���گ™Xب�‹,(P� Tىrِ€S{ےڈ¼‎¹يأکu“2 ´¾zArœ\¬Hp³o�ï*إ/C v[d�[d�[fبM¯Q‹�l�4إV�ê°’،lب��2ہض�عض9عض¶>ld�غdکأV†µm†µ‹Œآ.2ٹيq@&چ"ُüû>©^$¸ظ7=\¥ّ�l�شn‹ a‹ aث ¹Yشâ���M±U†:¬d(�2ہ† °u†¶uژ¶µ­���ئ6�و°•am›aي"£°‹ŒbغأeRs>‌ذے؟،د«'ôة ک‏�.�•عا°bهگüغ²لqmثف�#‡؟"‡�ق rّھ†«¢€�ژٹ�r¸)بل¤r\ثل،( ‡�b‘أ;y{‰,z´F�ôƒگ��€ùù#C*_dگ�� ùµDئ7~‏بˆإ��ƒ�ک:2|ًk‰ �ü%rٹڈـw'�¨[�„„بiطد�9±ْ"§تہ9ر¯%r–ََGخ[¾ب™(ہش‘“ˆ_Kن´à/‘�}ن¾ë�¶S�³¹³ك9}¢نu ¨خ�ُب:I2ض1'ٍ �ëU91ع ق%—¶•­_ط‹p´�ے�±I$‘نCRژن¤V%A‚¤ڈô¢W#™صJ6�w�ي‍±ƒ‚ىG*NهA� $ثUgھ R3���¤،�zf 3³گEإ¼¸ g¬Cتا°ٹSyگ@�ةr�3U�©™‚��زP�=3گ™Yب¢b^ـ†¯³i�؛خشے‌ش>¶‎fُI0فأ±L¹©.قfvï‍Jحط·{gَ<ëcF›ٌè(3نغخV£¶ع¦ٍ

My Configuration:
pagespeed FileCachePath "/var/cache/ngx_pagespeed/";
pagespeed on;
pagespeed RewriteLevel PassThrough;
pagespeed ForbidAllDisabledFilters true;
 pagespeed HttpCacheCompressionLevel 0;

I also disabled all compression-related configurations
All modules are also disabled.
There are no additional configurations.

Specifications of the tools used:
  • pagespeed version
  • Nginx version : 1.20.1
  • OS version: ubuntu 20.04.4 TLS

I used the pagespeed RewriteLevel PassThrough; command to disable any filters.


May 30, 2022, 1:50:03 AM5/30/22
to ngx-pagespeed-discuss
Have you an url to test?

Sajjad Jafari bojd

Jun 1, 2022, 4:24:29 AM6/1/22
to ngx-pagespeed-discuss


Jun 1, 2022, 5:32:02 AM6/1/22
to ngx-pagespeed-discuss
I cant't test it disabling pagespeed in the url

And can't debug, because don't inject debug messages.
Is there any software to clear comments in the html?
Can you set
pagespeed ForbidAllDisabledFilters false;?

IPRO still working in the site, despite the
This must disable pagespped even IPRO.

Is there any type of cache?


Jun 1, 2022, 5:42:27 AM6/1/22
to ngx-pagespeed-discuss
Even more strange, the main request is served as brotli encoded, but resources are gzipped.
Maybe the pagespped cache start to warm with

pagespeed HttpCacheCompressionLevel 0;

NOT set, and the the default is store resources gzipped at level 9.
And now the pagespeed cache is serving gzipped content that gets double compressed by brotli?

Clear the pagespeed cache and restart to warm it with compression disabled.


Jun 1, 2022, 6:04:18 AM6/1/22
to ngx-pagespeed-discuss
Have you enabled gzip in the server?
Whe I try to request the page with an old curl version that don't support brotli, the content is weird, so seemd the server can't send gziped content.

In the server side you must enable both brotli and gzip.
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