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YTW...Long Bill

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Martin Berrigan

Feb 21, 2024, 4:28:35 PMFeb 21
As soon as Winter goes wild it's dissipates and bang it's over,so been having a small discussion regarding Long Bill,might this warbler migrate as most vagrants do leave they're Winter night-mare home and attempt to fly back to they're inherent breeding ground.We know and most agree Short-bill and in pictures appear's very much as the same bird from the last two year's around Lower Rennies,I had many pictures sent to me and I cannot find a difference,the same mini yellow lore is completely identical in Lower and Dominion YTW and also!,we know last year's bird never migrated,it was screaming for a mate incessantly way past migration time.Anyway back to Long-Bill,the bird the YTW is considered a very early migrater arriving at it's breeding grounds by March so Long Bill may be gone and disappear in 15 to 20 day's at the most,so be prepared,there may be short window into the time one can observe this bird,that day is coming and it's just around the bend.Gerard
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