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Sanderlings & Lapwing#2 ?

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David Shepherd

Jan 5, 2010, 8:34:50 PM1/5/10
Richard Thomas had 2 Sanderlings on PCS beach today.

Just after we left to head to Cape Race, following the Lapwing flying
strongly in that direction and lost to sight out of the community,
another neighbour saw a Lapwing on the beach at the main intersection
(the old gas station). It proceeded to fly to the sedge meadow
between the first house and the pond. From the timing, location and
behaviour, I suspect this was a second bird newly arrived off the
ocean on the by-then strong westerly winds.

Checked out all likely spots on the Cape Race run and later on Biscay
Bay and Trepassey to no avail. Given the ongoing atrocious weather in
Europe (including Ireland - usually the last refuge for cold driven
species), the wind patterns over the N Atlantic in the last week or so
and the post cold weather arrivals (in the hundreds) detailed in Birds
of Canada in 1927 and 1966, I strongly suspect there's a lot more out

And don't forget, the only Canadian Jack Snipe was in the 1927
movement!! For the record, they're tiny with bills only 1 1/2" long
and you have to tread on them to flush them. Best method is to drag a
rope between 2 people across likely habbo. Will try this tomorrow at
Long Beach.

Cliff Doran in Trepassey, Patsy Molloy in St Shotts and Michael Ward
ar Cape Race are all on lookout.

Fingers crossed! and extra tight bins.


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