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Little Egret and Corn Crake

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Oct 17, 2021, 8:23:55 PM10/17/21
The five days of N gales are starting to pay off.
A Little Egret was photographed at in Kelligrews on Pond Road Saturday afternoon. by Ben Keen a visiting birdwatcher. If the bird is still there on Sunday please do not make it fly

A CORN CRAKE was found dead in an elementary school parking in Paradise lot on Thursday. I have seen photo of the bird and will be getting the specimen.

What else is out there........??????????????

B Mactavish

BTW Ken Knowles and I did the Irish Loop on Saturday including North Harbour, Harricott, Pt La Haye, St Shotts, Trepassey. Not a single goose to be found. Nor any other rare birds.

Daniel Hoops

Oct 18, 2021, 8:43:42 AM10/18/21
Hi! I did the Irish Loop on Sunday, including the start of the walk to Mistaken Point, just as far as the first lookout over the water. I saw some white-winged crossbills in the stunted trees between the highway and the lookout, and also a decent variety of seabirds there and at Cape Race. Do you have ebird lists posted for what you saw? Here are mine:,,,

Also, there were a fair number of seals hauled out below the lookout at Mistaken Point, do you happen to know what they would be? The smaller ones were obviously harbor seals, but the larger ones have me a bit thrown. They didn't have the head shape for grey seals, so I was thinking harp seals...

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