Winter List 2022-2023

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Jared Clarke

Nov 24, 2022, 7:52:19 AM11/24/22
The calendar tells us that winter starts soon - and the weather is starting to agree. Therefore, it's time for me to remind everyone about the annual "winter bird list" :)

Quite some time ago, a tradition was started to keep tabs on the species of birds seen during the "official" winter bird season (December 1 - February 28) -- now, most Canadian provinces keep one. I began keeping the list for Newfoundland 16 years ago, and will do the same this year. (I don't generally keep a list of species seen in Labrador, but I do take note of anything seen there but not on the island.)

I will keep a running list of species seen on my website ( Please send reports (either to this list or to me personally), and let me know if you have seen something that isn't on the list. I'll post the first update in early December.

Last winter, we together tallied 147 species -- pretty much right on average (the record stands at 161, just two years ago). Overall, a grand total of 270 species have been recorded in Newfoundland during winter - pretty amazing!! You can see a summary by going to this website:

So - starting next Thursday (December 1), get out there and check those ponds and woods roads and keep your feeders filled. Winter birding is here! ...

You can post bird sightings to this site or contact me directly (via my website, Facebook, or email at jared_jjc AT

Happy birding!
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