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Alvan Buckley

Apr 18, 2022, 9:13:33 PM4/18/22
Hi nf.birders!

Many of Canada's birders are migrating to the Discord App to share bird sightings. Every region of the country now uses this platform to share bird sightings, discussions, ID requests, etc etc.

It's good to be aware of this resource in case you're travelling to another province. The best part of the app is that it's also available on the regular internet/computer (in contrast to WhatsApp which unfortunately is only available through phones as far as I'm aware).

It's also worth recognizing that many visiting birders to Newfoundland and Labrador will be using this app to report rarities. Of course a few of us monitor it regularly so if something gets reported on there we will try to cross post it to WhatsApp/eBird/nf.birds/etc. Eventually I predict Newfoundland birders will also settle on this platform considering how popular it has become across the rest of the country and how much more accessible it is.

Note that the app can be quite overwhelming at first with all the channels and sub-channels, etc. I recommend poking around the website/app to try to figure it out (it took me a few weeks to wrap my head around all the options). If you have questions on how to use it please feel free to ask myself or Vernon or Jared!

Discord Servers:

Atlantic Canada Birds Discord:

Québec Birds Discord:

Ontario Bird Alert:

Prairie Birds Discord:

BC Birds discord:


Alvan Buckley

Nov 14, 2022, 10:10:34 PM11/14/22
The Discord servers for the country continue to grow in use, including the one for Atlantic Canada. Links are below. All are accessible by mobile devices and computers.

Discord Servers:

Atlantic Birds Discord:
Ontario Birds Discord:
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